abdominal epilepsy

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    Anyone out there have abdominal epilepsy? spaz
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    I have abdominal epilepsy. It is partially under control at this time, but is very bad when it happens. Where are you? Do you have any info on specialists? I am 38.
    I have been told that there are no cases as bad as mine, so if you need some one to talk to, let me know. Does she regurgitate? For how long? Mine last 7 days to the day almost every time...no food or water for seven days is very hard to live through, especially when you are throwing up the whole time. How old is she? When I was a young boy, they put me on Phenobarbital and the seizures stopped, so they took me off of it, and they stopped from age 9 to 21. Then came the alcohol poisoning, (about 16 margaritas). after that they never went away again. I can give you some ideas on making the s/z's easier for her and maybe even shorten them. Body temperature is a good deterrent to mine, meaning, if I change my body temp., they sometimes stop after the aura. For example, I start burning up inside and start sweating, but to the touch I feel cold and clammy. If I get in a scalding hot tub and change my body temp., I can sometimes stop it from happening at all. Another thing that comes to mind is that during, and until you are sure the s/z has stopped, do not let her smell any food, cooking or cooked. This will make her more sick.
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