Abdominal Migraines ? anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by butterfly83, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    I was just curious if anyone else with Fibro, had also had any experience with Abdominal Migraines (Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome)?
  2. Hinemoa

    Hinemoa New Member

    and constant constriction migraines. Your post caught my attention because with these migraines my abdomen cramps and bloats.

    I am nauseous and sometimes vomit. The migraines are cyclic.

    What do you do for this, I'm stumped.

    Are we having fun yet?

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  3. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I did a web search and found the following:

    Q. Abdominal migraine. What are the symptoms, causes, treatment...
    from John Claude Krusz, MD, PhD, and Teri Robert

    Dear M.C.,
    Abdominal Migraine is a form of Migraine in which the Migraineur generally experiences no headache, but does have more intense gastrointestinal symptoms - nausea and vomiting and sometimes abdominal pain. The cause of Abdominal Migraine is the same as other forms of Migraine. It's a genetic neurological disease, and individual Migraine attacks are brought on by Migraine triggers. Triggers may be certain foods, changes in weather, bad sleep patterns, fluorescent lighting, and others. Treatment for Abdominal Migraine is similar to that for Migraine with aura or Migraine without aura. Migraine abortive medications such as the triptans - Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt, etc., are often prescribed. Medications for nausea and vomiting such as Reglan and Phenergan can also be prescribed.

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    Teri Robert

    Dera M.C. Kaushal:
    Yes, there is something called abdominal migraine. Causes are several Nobel Prizes down the road. Mrs. Robert has given you an excellent description. Treatment, if there is no headache, is quite difficult. When better medications arrive, we may have an easier time for treatment.
    Good luck,
    John Claude Krusz

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    ~ John Claude Krusz, MD, PhD, and Teri Robert

  4. marw

    marw New Member

    I have Migraine with the aura, and sometimes without. I have it a lot, usually in the a.m. I may have had abdominal Migraine and not recognized it, but I doubt it.

    What works for me are a good diet and the triptan medications! THe injection (sumatriptan known as Imitrex by brand) works the fastest with fewer side effects....kills the headache in 10 minutes! My life was a mess before I got this medication. It is my Life-line, as I had these headaches for years before I ever got Fibro.

    Be interested to hear what others say about this. Usually, children get abdominal migraine more than adults.

    Thanks for the thread.

  5. bigmh

    bigmh New Member

    Hi...your post caught my eye because I have been miserable the last 5 years with "regular" migraines. They were as frequent as 15-25 days per month (sometimes more than one migraine/day), and are now down to 6-8 per month...a miracle!

    But I have been having lots of nausea, some vomiting and yesterday horrible cramps (which I don't think were related, but made me look at your post). I'm going to do some more research as I have heard of these but know little about them. Thanks for asking.

    What are your symptoms?

  6. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    If you are concerned about having adbominal migraines, or just are curious about the immerging information about this condition, please go to the CVS official site..


    They have tons of information, and you can have an information packet mailed to you if you think this is something you might have.

    I am a juvenile case of CVS, which went into fibromyalgia, and now i have a combination of both i believe.
  7. kalina

    kalina New Member

    I've had migraine headaches since I was a teenager, but when I was younger, I had a lot of stomach aches. I have since learned that abdominal migraine is most common in children, and children who have abdominal migraine tend to develop typical migraine as they get older. Adults can also have abdominal migraine.

    I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I saw an interesting article last week that really made me think. A study this January showed that migraineurs have a condition called "gastric stasis," or delayed emptying of their stomachs by about 80%. Strangely enough, this is not the cause of nausea (that process happens in the brain and not the stomach), since gastric stasis exists even in the absence of migraine attacks.

    These new findings are causing drug companies to look more closely at alternatives to oral migraine meds, since they aren't absorbed well if the stomach doesn't empty normally.

    This also makes me wonder about absorption of all our OTHER meds!


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