Abdominal muscle soreness accompanied by peripheral neuropathy

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    I have developed a couple of symptoms in the past three to four years, but doctors don't seem able to give me a cause. Most simply say they don't know what is causing problems. I have developed muscle soreness along the rib cage over past few years. Soreness results from virtually any exertion (mowing lawn, riding long distances, bending, etc). Soreness is getting to be a daily thing and I take about 6 Tylenols per day for it. I also have developed peripheral neuropathy ( I am not diabetic). There may be no connection, but both seem to be worsening. Doctors have taken me off Statins, but condition did not seem to improve. I am on neurontin for neuropathy. Everything seems to check out normal, except EMG which indicated mild neuropathy. CAT scan and MRI did not indicate any causes.
    Anyone with similar symptoms? If so, have you had a succesful diagnosis of cause? What medications seem to help symptoms?
    Thanks for your help
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    hi I have had abdominal pain and rib cage pain for years , but in the last 5 mos i have been in almost constant pain no matter what i do. About 3 mos ago started having burning feelings on my back and stomach area my doctor said he had never heard of the burning feeling there if had told him in my hands and feet he would of told me i had peripheral neuropathy, so he decided to put me on 300 mg of neurontin before bed any way to see if that would help. I didn't take the meds because he wasn't sure if it would help and i hate taking anything because of so many side effects you have to worry about. I'm getting tried of the pain and wish it would go away!! I had cat scan done they did say my liver and spleen were enlarged and my blood test showed my liver was out of wack 1 mon later they did the cat scan and blood work again and everything came back normol., but still in pain. I don't take any medicine for the pain i did buy a book on tiggerpoint therephy self help and tried it on the muscles under ribcage it was very painful but did seem to help a little for a short time but pain is back and i don't know if i want to try it again. Thinking about finding a massage therepist who knows tigger points. hope i help your muscle pain in the abdomin sounds so much like mine Do yo also have painful ribcage? my hurt so much at times it hurts for my own arms to touch them. Hope to hear from you Good luck