abdominal pain?

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    K, I hate to add yet another symptom to FMS and CFIDS, but I have a question, please.

    Yesterday when I woke up it felt like someone had taken out my lower abdomen insides, twisted them up and shoved them back in. Like when you shove something in the freezer and know the next person is gonna wind up with something falling out onto their toe. (giggle) I was tender, couldn't walk or do much of anything. Hurt to sit down, lay down, anything.

    I had normal bm's and all that. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. mlrarr

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    I have IBS and get that every now and then. I had a colonostipty (sp) yuck and everything. It ended up just being another symptom of IBS. Even though you have had normal bowel movements you can have spasms off and on. I feel "locked up" even when I have three to four bm's in a row. Or just have the spasms with nothing. They can last for over a few hours.
    Ok now that I let everyone know this I better go LOL. Oh yeah I take flaxseed oil which really helps. Although I have IBS-D not the constipated kind If I didnt take flaxseed oil I would be in the bathroom all the time or at least everytime I eat something.
    I just love being me>>>
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    my muscles pulling and tightning due to chronic myofascial pain. charlene
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    I get this pain on my left side now and then, doctor didn't know what it is -- so I had ultrasounds, catscans done. Nothing ever came out of it, I am now going to PT for my IC and Pelvic floor Dys. the therapist was messaging(?) my left side and she felt a big knot and notice it was very tender and I told her about it, she said it is from having IC and IBS, and that she has had other patients who have complain about pain and their Family doctors don't know what it is either.