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    For months I have experienced quite a bit of pain in my abdomen which I was sure was caused by IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) which a lot of people being diagnosed with CFS and FMS seem to have.
    My family physician who also treats my CFS/FMS decided for a scan, and seeing the specialist today I was told that it probably is diverticulitis and that X-Rays (which I tried to avoid so far) will also have to be done.
    Why I mention this, I like to really make people aware how important it is to have a proper doctor plus get the proper diagnosis and tests done to rule out more severe problems.
    Pls. let me know if any of you also had diverticulitis and what their treatment has been. Meanwhile I have been subscribed Flagyl (antibiotic) and Keflex (antibacterial) until further tests.

    Thought, I like to share this with you. Lucky
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