Abnominal Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cate41, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Cate41

    Cate41 New Member

    After several tests, my GP thinks it might be fibro (have all the classic symptoms).

    However, the past year I have been struggling with abdominal/lower back problems: mainly pain in the lower pelvis, radiating to the back and down my whole leg (it can be one side or the other); inconsistant shape and consistancy of BM, pain that feels like menstrual cramping.

    I am scheduling a colonoscopy for next week and it is making me nervous that it is something more than Fibro...if this is negative, then hopefully insurance will cover the abdominal ct scan.

    Has anyone else feel like this?
  2. JCola1984

    JCola1984 New Member

    i have that same pain in my lower pelvis..goes down my legs to the back of my knees. ive felt like this for 3 years, i still havnt solved the problem.
  3. JCola1984

    JCola1984 New Member

    id skip the colonoscopy and get the ct scan. ask if anything seems swolen or enflamed. my ct scan showed an enlarged spleen and enflamed lymph nodes and an unusually large ammount of blood vessels there.
  4. Cate41

    Cate41 New Member

    I am glad to hear that this could be related to Fibro...I get extremely worried that all this is a sign of cancer that hasn't been caught yet. I guess I will have to keep testing until they run out of tests.
  5. Cate41

    Cate41 New Member

    I have my colonoscopy set for next Friday....we will see what they say, I guess.

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