abnormal EMG neuropathy

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    i was hoping to ask a question?

    i had emg/ncs done in spring, and had abnormal, mild-moderately severe results of nerve root irritation between C2-C8 bilaterally. i was diagnosed with neuropathic pain with self-perpetuating nerve root irritation and muscle spasms. pain in neck, arms, back is excruciating- weakness, burning/tingling sometimes.

    i'm only 20, and these results are so discouraging :( my dr. couldn't offer any suggestions besides rest and NSAIDS, neurontin. can anything be done for nerve root irritation ????? :( miserable.

    thanks so much.
  2. Cinlou

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    My you are so very young to have such back problems...Have you tried a Pain Management Doctor? They can do alot of thngs, give you PT, injections...medications..

    Is the nerve root irritation due to bone spurs? I am sorry you are in such pain. I understand, beleive me...I thought I was reading about me...I am 52 though, I've had this for many years....I hope you can get the help you need and deserve.
  3. peachrie

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    thanks cinlou!

    yeah, i dont feel 20 :( i'm at a loss of what to do.

    have u found any relief? can this be treated?? howd u develop it?

    best, peach
  4. Cinlou

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    Those are very good questions...I think that all of my problems came from a car accident when I was only 19. We were hit from behind, we were stopped, a car hit us going about 70mph...
    I did not go to the doctor, for weeks I could not lift my head up from the pillow...

    I have bone spurs C4-5,C5-6,(3mm bulge, C5-6) This all has brought on Cervical radicular pain, nerve root, neck, arm, back pain,burning, and tingling.

    I also have lumbar bone spurs, at every level...causing leg pain...

    I can only guess really on the causes of the spurs, I know I smoked and some say that can add to the DDD. Who knows?
    Now, I have the Fibromyalgia to go along with it.
    I have also taken the NSAIDS....

    Did your report say if it was acute, or chronic nerve root irratation? Self perpetuating sounds like...irratation brought on by the roots itself???? I don't know....

    Are the NSAIDS helping you???
    The neurontin helping???
    It sure sounds like you have FM, too.
    I would think the NSAIDS would help with the irratation, and neurontin too..We are all so different in what helps and what doesn't.

    I have taken Voltarin,a NSAIDS...messed with stomach..
    I see a reuhmatologist,PCP, and a Pain Management doctor...
    I have had Physical Therapy, chiropractic(love my chiro),deep tissue massage (love him, too).

    The latest I am doing has been Cervical Neck Injections, I have had 2 so far, it has helped the nerve pain...also Trigger Injections, for the Myofasial Pain...that seems to go right along with the neck problems.

    I am going to get my second injection in the Lumbar area soon, I had one in January, but pain is coming back now.

    I take Elavil, Trazadone at night to sleep along with a Flexerel...can take up to three Flexerel during the day.

    I sure hope that this is only acute pain that you are dealing with and not chronic....acute pain can go chronic.
    I think you need to get as much info from your doctor to as what is causing the irratation to your spine. Have you had an MRI?
    I did not mean this to be a book...sorry....

  5. Cinlou

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  6. peachrie

    peachrie New Member

    Hi cinlou!

    Sorry to get back to you so late- unfortunately, this pain is a chronic problem that I've had for at least the past seven years. I've been diagnosed with FM for more than two years. I first felt significant pain in my arms and shoulders seven years ago, which caused me to go to a number of hand specialists and orthopedic surgeons who just looked at my arms and said it was radial tunnel syndrome or tendinitis and that I should stop playing the piano, because I was a serious musician then. I stopped playing, yet the pain remained. It developed into tingling, numbness, and prickly feeling that was so constant that I came to except them as normal.

    Going through school, I spent a lot of time writing, typing, hovering over books. This didn't help at all-I developed severe neck shoulder or back pain so that I couldn't sit down and I would sit in class, especially during written exams, in agony. These pains spread throughout my body into full blown FM for the past couple of years so it's been really difficult!

    I guess in my EMG test results, the self-perpetuating cycle of nerve root irritation and muscle spasms means that I have nerve root irritation throughout my cervical spine, which is continuously aggravated because irritation causes muscle spasms which puts more pressure on the nerves And causes them to have more irritation. Since they've been so long lasting,. My doctor hasn't given me much hope except the only choice of coping with them. To tell you the truth, this isn't very comforting at all! She prescribed Neurontin, anti-inflammatories, and avoiding as much activity/usage as I can. But as you know, you cant avoid all activity while living! You see, writing and typing is so difficult that I'm trying to learn to use voice activation software. the pain has been getting more frequent and constant, which is very difficult-I was wondering if your pain was progressive in this way? I was hoping that exercise and stretching would help things, but this doctor says anything would aggravate it! I'm still doing stretching and gentle walking although walking is difficult because it feels like my head is so heavy and my shoulder and neck muscles spasm.

    I've also had an MRI of my cervical spine, which showed degeneration between C2-C6, the worst being C5-C6. I've lost fluid in my disks, and I've lost my spinal curvature, and I have bulging discs.

    I'm not a big fan of prescription medicine because I don't want to have to take them for a lifetime. I haven't taken Neurontin because I've heard that it has side effects and I didn't want to take medicine regularly, however, I don't know if I should start now. I'm trying so many herbal supplements, I'm also doing massage therapy and chiropractic work. My doctor did some sort of electrical muscle stimulation on me causing muscle twitching to help release muscles and allow the nerves to “breathe”- I was hoping to find some relief in this, but actually it caused humongous flares! It was also really expensive. ive tried acupuncture- zero help!Have you found that the injections help? What do the injections consist of? I'm so glad that you have found relief- how long did it take for you to feel chiropractic relief? I've been going a few times a week for the past two months, but I haven't yet experienced significant relief-also, my lumber spine can be adjusted easily, making huge cracking noises, but my cervical spine, because it is so rock hard and tender to touch, has not been able to be adjusted despite attempts. Have you had pain upon touching the vertebrae?

    I'm a college student, but these symptoms have been indeed difficult! Have you found that you've been able to continue on with your daily activities without constant pain?

    Sorry this is so long, it really does sound like we have similar issues! I was just wondering how these problems might have caused FM. I've also heard about someone with FM and disc problems having relief with homeopathic growth hormone, I'm wondering if I should give this a try-at this point, I'm willing to try anything!

    God bless,
  7. sandyL

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    so sorry to hear you have this problem ,,[[BIG HUGS}}to you

    I know one thing that doesnt help this and its a tens unit,
    well in my case anyway, I went to physical therapy 6 times and electric current seemed to stimulate the burning,

    Ice not heat helps mine somewhat.

    Biofreeze that you can buy from a chiropractors office, or a physical therapy office helps somewhat.

    Resting it, but still stretching the muscles, helps me also,especailly when it is burning.


    to the lady that is a musician: I played guitar, and I know how you feel about having to give up something you love,
    I play occasionally and sparingly, as not to aggravate it,
    Big Hugs to you also,

    I had a nerve conductor test that showed neuropathy in my left arm, I have bursitis too in that shoulder which my doctor said was unrelated to the neuropathy, but it surely doesnt help things for sure, my bursitis he said was caused from repetitious work,
    I had an emg that showed an unresponded nerve from my shoulder,

    Hugs to all, Sandy

  8. peachrie

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    hi sandy,

    i'm sorry you're suffering from these problems too! I went to get my blood test today and had to sign in. even writing my name is so hard! :( I used to write endlessly on 5 hour exams. now ive given up piano (its been 3 years), which i was serious about pursuing before. im sorry about your guitar! these days i realize how fragile the body is.

    have you had an mri done? i agree, TENS does not help, elicits more painful spasms. are u on medication?

  9. sandyL

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    Yes I had an Mri done on my shoulder,after the emg and nerve conductor test. an orthopedic doctor I had ordered it after my physical therapist persuaded him to do one.
    I was prescribed lyrica later for my neuropathy, I took it one time and didnt like the zoneing feeling it gave me, but that is just me, meds have always reacted on me differently than other people. I have always been sensitive to them.

    I do take naproxen sodium 550 mg now, it helps me alot,

    lately I have had a lot pains in the back of my head, and down my shoulder but not as badly as when I first had all these tests done,

    Actually physical therapy helped me tremendously, at one point I was on hydrocodone, before the therapy. My arm and hand were turning bluish colored and my pinkie finger was numb, so I really recommend physical therapy.

    Hugs to you Sandy
  10. peachrie

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    thanks sandy! i think i was prescribed naproxen, but havent tried it yet.

    i tried cervical traction today at the chiro- they stretch your neck, its sorta interesting ;P was just wondering if anyone's tried this?
  11. sandyL

    sandyL New Member

    Hi again,

    I have went through cervical traction also,
    My rhemy sent me to have it, because of pinched nerves in my neck, it worked wonders.

    good luck!

  12. peachrie

    peachrie New Member


    has traction given u permanent relief? do u have to do it for a lifetime? you give me hope :)


    best, peachrie
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