abnormal lab test??

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    I went to the new rheumy the 26th of Feb. and they never called me back with a date for the sleep study he ordered and the results of my bloodwork.
    So...I call them yesterday. No call back.
    I called today and they put his nurse through.
    She says one of the lab tests came back abnormal. It was a postive RNP....something to do with connective tissue disease.

    Does anyone know what this test it and what this might mean?
    She said he wanted to see me in the next month-no emergency.
    I am going back next Tuesday, but I would like to know something about this beforehand.

    Please...if anyone can tell me anything, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you, RM
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    I'm almost positive it's ONE of the tests that would have to be positive to diagnose lupus. When my ANA came back positive, they ran RNP and double-stranded anti-DNA on me (both were negative).

    Good luck!

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    Yes, I think you are right as much as I don't want to admit it.
    However, the nurse said it was the only test that came back abnormal. I asked her specifically about Lupus, and she said she wasn't sure, but that she thought some of the other tests would be positive if it were Lupus.

    When I was getting ready to get my blood drawn, I had the nurse go back and ask the Dr. to be sure and run the test for Lupus..I almost forgot!

    I'm somewhat amazed that he wouldn't have automatically tested me for it...but I guess I shouldn't be from what I've read on here.
    Thank you so much for responding, I have to wait until Tuesday to see the Doc, so I am hoping to get as much info as possible.
    God Bless! RM
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    with Connective Tissue Disease.
    I've been reading about it on different websites and it's not good.
    I am praying that's not what the presence of RNP means in this instance, but I'm not sure what to think yet.

    I wish I didn't have to wait until next Tuesday to see my Dr.
    I am hoping someone reads this that may be more informed, and might be able to offer more insight.
    It would be much appreciated, as I am very frightened right now by what I have read.
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    Thank-you so much for that information, It's better than anything I have found so far.
    It seems to appear that by having the positive RNP, it is likely that some kind of connective tissue disease is present, but it's not enough to obtain a certain diagnosis of which one.
    I also read that some disorders such as SLE may be more likely if several autoantibodies are present, while others such as Mixed Connective Tissue disease may be more likely if a single autoantibody (RNP-ribonucleic protein) is the only one present.

    Not very reassuring in my case is it?
    I am trying not to jump to conclusions, but it's just so fresh, and I know so little about all this.
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    Bump....I am frantically looking for info!
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    Hi moab 341, are you from moab. Just wondering because I am here in utah as well and wondered what rheumy you are seeing.

    Anyways, basically from what I understand from past tests is that it is an indicator that you have a connective tissue disease but doesn't necessarily mean that you have one. It usually sets doc's off to running more tests. I know this has already been said in different ways but at least I can keep your bumping going.

    Good luck to you, I am surprised that your docs office didn't call back today.
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    But I Love it!!!
    My daughter in law's parents have a house that's built right in the side of a mountain that overlooks the city of Moab and it's just so peaceful there.
    The scenery is like nothing I've ever seen.

    It's a place I will go back to time and time again:)

    Thanks for your input.....I am hoping since every other test was negative it doe snot neccesarily mean I have it although I read in Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, you are likely to have just the positive RNP test. (sigh)

    I want to throw myself on the floor and kick my feet and scream like a little girl, "I DON'T WANT THIS DISEASE!"
    Wether I have MCTD or just (I don't say "Just" lightly)FM, I'm sick of it all.
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    Hi, I have has a positive ANA lab but have been told it didn't mean I have Lupus but is somthing I need to have monitored for future concern.
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    My ANA test came back normal, but one of the other conective tissue tests didn't, and that's what's got me worried.
    It's the RNP.
    They give you this test to rule out mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD)
    If you haev positive ANA and positive RNP it's likely you might have MCTD.
    It's also likely to have it if the RNP test comes back normal and the others are negative.

    I'm no Dr. but I have been reading a lot about this, and I have not read anything about false RNP tests.
    I sure hope I'm wrong.
    I am surprised more people on here are not familiar with this blood test.
    I think MCTD is one of the more rare connective tissue diseases, where often times they give you steroids.
    I've been in somewhat of a flare this week, but I cannot imagine having to live on steroids.
    My uneduacated guess is that it can't mean nothing if you test positive on this, but I am very hopeful that I am wrong about the diagnosis.
    Thank's for everyone's encouragement...you are all helping me through a very scary time, and I so very much appreciate it. Roni
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    Today I should find out what this positive RNP blood test means when everything else came back totally negative.
    I hope he is patient with me and answers my questions.

    I think these Dr.s get desensitized and don't understand how scared we are.
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    I was so upseat and almost crying in the Rheumy Drs. office and he took it personally and got upset! He even told me he took my fear personally. Can you believe that?

    He thought I didn't believe him that it's ok right now.
    Doesn't he get that I don't get diagnosed with something like this everyday, and this is MY life that's going to be effected?

    Honestly, the man is totally insecure and I am going to find a new one that I don't have to walk on eggshells around.
    Now it's Fibro and MCTD...I guess I have my work cut out for me, but right now all I feel is profound sadness. Roni