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    Went to the holistic doctor today and got my test results for my urine levels of Neurotransmitters.
    Dopamine is fine, and so is GABA (probably because I take the maximum dose of it already).
    Everything else was way, way, way below normal.
    The doc explained that my extremely low level of epinephrine ( only 1/8th of the lowest normal range)would result in a very low energy level.
    My very low level of norepinephrine (only 1/3 of the lowest normal range) would result in more than normal anxiety levels (this is the source of my over-reactions, not a cortisol problem).
    My very low serotonin (only 1/3 of the lowest normal range) would make me very unhappy with people and situations in life in general (this is the source of my personality chancges that are causing me to isolate myself).
    The treatment will be primarily hormonal (progesterone drops) since menopause can lower these levels, and that is when my trouble started.
    He would also like me to take the amino acid L-tyrosine, but I have high blood pressure, so that is risky.
    He wanted me to take 5-HTP as well, to raise my serotonin, but my gut cannot tolerate it at all.
    Having these tests done was very worthwhile. I feel like that gravestone: "See, I told you I was sick". But, it may be hard with all my sensitivities to find ways to treat these problems.
    For those who may be interested in the tests, they are done by a company called NeuroScience in Osceola, Wisconsin. The test kit for Neurotransmitters is #9012. This test is paid for by Medicare, but no other insurance will pay for it. I believe it costs about $120.

    P.S. For those following my other post about abnormal fibrinogen, etc....he is having me retake that test, since it was only two pts. too high. He also told me to not renew the Nystatin, and try OLE instead....said he never saw anyone lower their BP on it, so I should just monitor it carefully and titrate the dose.
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    Can you explain why this would not work? It had to be my second urination of the morning, and I had to be up for at least 2-3 hrs. before doing the sample. That's all I remember about it.
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    this was interesting. Needless to say..I am not to the urination test yet! LOL!! My hair analysis should be back in a week. This stuff is just blowing my mind. Remember the 400 questions I had to answer last time? She did not read those first..she gave me my examine and read my stuff sometime in the last week..hey..my answers and the things she came up with..by some mighty odd tests I must say..were right on. It is just amazing to me.

    I am hoping your progestrone drops work for you girl...I am pulling for ya!! ...have a good one...Sher
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    I see him again in two weeks and will take the print out of your comments about needing Cortef and also ask about this test. I know I had to package it a certain way and send it to a specilized lab in Wisconsin to be interpreted.
    Also, when I was suspected of having a neuroendocrine tumor, all of the tests done for that were urine tests, but they were 24 hrs. as you say. For some reason, this test had to be in the morning, after being up and around a couple of hours.
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    is interesting. I think many of us get worse when our sex hormone levels drop and many natural therapists insist progesterone plays a major role in this.

    Please keep us informed.


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  6. klutzo

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    He told me that these neurotransmitters tend to drop precipitously after menopause without hormone replacement. It's why post menopausal women tend to feel tired and cranky.
    He faxed in a new script for my progesterone drops according to the written directions I got from Dr. Roby.
    I'll let everyone know how it works once I receive it in he mail.
  7. sujay

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    Gosh, this is all really beyond me, but I wish you luck. Sometimes you have to just trust your doctor, but keep asking questions. I really have to defer to Madwolf on the cortef, too, so I'm just going to keep quiet and pay attention to what happens.

  8. rdthewave

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    Most people do not know that neurotransmitters are found other places than the brain. The colon is lined with tons of neurotransmitters! Klutzo, I have taken L-tyrosine before and found it helpful.

  9. klutzo

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    I found a website supporting what my doctor did and mentioning the research by Dr. Hinz at Pharmasan Labs.
    It also tells how the problem we call reactive hypoglycemia really isn't, but is also a neurotransmitter problem. It also discusses the dangers of SSRI's.
    I'll let you decide if you agree with it or not....I don't know, but it does make some sense.
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    My doctor put me on Paxil about five years ago. I went off of it about three in a half years ago. I was put on it for sleep. Ever since then I have put on a lot of weight. My energy level is very low. Anxiety is high. I can't tolerate people. I don't know if Paxil had anything to do with it because I was going through menopause at the same time. The blood work that is done in a routine exam always comes back around normal. I have a dc.appt. next week and I have a list of tests that I would like down. Tests that people on the board have had down. Thank again for all of your post. I have learned so much form this board. Have a great day Klutzo. Gail
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    The neurologist I used to see was of the same opinion - neurotransmitters could not be measured in the urine. I think it was Gt Smokies who had/have a test for this and I wanted it done, but was put off by his comments. (Going back a few years now though). I did not value his treatment programme for m.e. as a whole, which was/is confined soley to the neurological department, but I figured he must be right about that one - he's a Professor of neurology.

    Don't know - just letting u know what he said at the time.

    best wishes
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