abnormal TSH can it cause anexity?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dolfenn43, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. dolfenn43

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    Had severe anexity for about 5-6 days. It was terrible. I felt like I was going to die or felt like jumping off a cliff.

    I went to the Doctor. Tottally not helpful. Re: giving me someting for my anexity. He rx. He did give me LIMITED rx/ of klonopin for 1 pill at night. Anyway

    he did draw my blood and foun my TSH level was 10.9 Normal is around 1.50 to 5.0.
    I was givin Synthroid. I am better its been about 30 days. But I still experience this awful anexity off and on.

    Is this a normal thing? Im just wantong to know if its my throid or something else new to worry about


  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Sorry, I don't know what to tell you but I wanted to give you a hug. I do know about anxiety and it's not fun.

  3. getfitat40

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    I am hypothyroid and when I first experinced symptoms I was having horrible panic attacks. My doctor at the time prescribed an anti-anxiety med and it made it worse. In the meantime that doctor went on maternity leave with no notice, so I saw one of her partners when I went back to complain. She immediately did blood work (duh) and stopped the AD and I was fine in about 3 weeks.

    To make a long story short - the thyroid is an amazing little gland - over the years doctors have increased and decreased my synthroid levels - and I can actually feel when I need an adjustment (my nails are brittle, my skin is sallow and dry, and I start the racing heart thing.) It takes at least 3 weeks for the synthroid to work and expect the doc to tweak the amount.

    Once you are on the right level he may check your TSH levels every year or more. It is horrible while you are adjusting but you will feel better soon.

    Good luck
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    Typically those are the symptoms of HYPOthyroid. And you are pretty hypo. When you are that hypo but still have some symptoms of HYPER, you may have Hoshimotos. Your doc should also check for Thyroid Antibodies. You may at some point need a Biopsy, that is how I was tested for Hoshimotos. My biopsy was negative all 3 times I've had it done.

    I have autonomous multi nodular goiter. Ended up with a Right Thyroidectomy about 10 years ago.

    When you take Thyroid meds, always take them several hours apart from any Iron or Calcium , whether in food or supplements.[This Message was Edited on 12/01/2006]
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    It was about 10 years ago when I had anexity. It felt as if a moter went of in my head and would not quite. I would get up in the morning and feel like I was way behind. Really however I had nothing to do. I would stay up late I always felt there was somthing I would miss. Sometimes it felt if I could run fast enough and jump high enough I could fly. I would listen to a song and if the beat was good I just wanted to scream, and laugh and just basiclally go nuts. I was diagnosed with ADD. And was put on ritlin. Mean while I also started suffering from my heart feeling funny it would feel as if it would flip flop they did monitoring and found nothing. I also experianced shortness of breath, weakness and nervouseness. I could not sleep and had daymares as well night mares.

    with in the next 2 years my symtoms worsened even while I was pregnent. It got to the point were I could not hardly walk up the stairs, hold up a phone, or even brush my teeth. I started seeing triplicate,not able to understand simple sentences. I also started a steady rise in my wait. My hair and nails became beyond brittle.I also had a tendacy to sweat profusly when just doing the smalles task. I was drug tested through work many times. Im not sure if I acted weir or if it was just routine because no one ever mentioned anything. I also had memories of the room spinning while I was working at my station. I also felt light headed most of the time. All the time Im calling my doctor telling him I was tired and not feeling like myself. He told me I just had a baby and older then when I had my other kids. If I would only give my self time to heal and I was fine.

    I often ask my self now why did I not go else were. I truely belive it was because my thought of the day was get up put on close drive to work work go home go to bed. I could not carry on much more thought then the absalute neccity thought of just living and surviving.

    I also belive deep down with out my full knowledge I felt a need to replace my self cause I have momorise of looking for a new mom for my kids and when I found one I thought would love them and take care of them I would decide my husband would not tolorate her. If I found a lady my husband could torate then she was not what the kids would need so there for I had to go on. I belive that is the reason I am still here today. I could not find some one to take my place.

    On my sons 8th. moth check up my childs pediatriction made me hand my son to him and ordered labs for me right there. they found my TSH levels were 806. There has never been a documeted case of a TSH so out of controll. He could not figure out why I was even functioning at even the point I was. He stated I should by all means been hospitalized by all acounts.

    It has been several years now and I still fight with my thyroid levels but life is livable.

    My fibro and fatigue doctor believes that is were my chronic fatigue stems from.

    When I look back on this I realize it was the anxiety that it all started with.

    so stay with your meds give them time. and go for walks they seems to selted my nerve in the beginning.

    I can not repeat myself enough when I state take your meds at the same time everyday and not miss a day.

    Also do your homework. Most family practitioners know a little about every thing, but not every thing about anything. So you will have to do your own home work. but here is a few things I have found out.

    Soy is not good for those with thyroid deficulties it inhibits are bodies ability to use thyroid hormones.

    All shade tree plants also are inhibitors of the same. so use them very little. These plants include broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbage.

    If you do not feel like you are getting the desired affect from your meds, have your doctor change to another type of thyroid hormone.Not every ones body works the same. some work with diffrent meds.

    Also look up and understand reverse T3 if you fail to loose wait or get any relief from your meds.

    Hope all is well for you soon.

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