abnormally high liver enzymes...

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    Has anyone else had this issue? I started feeling cruddy about a month ago. Queasy,headachey,fatigued. Finally went to a Dr. after two weeks,put me on a Rx strength acid reducer.Felt a little better. However,symptoms changed. I would feel o.k. in the a.m. as day wore on I would feel yucky again. Has A CT scan of my upper and lower abdomen,checked out o.k. However,my bilirubin is excessivly high. Dr. thinks it might be all the supplements I'm taking! Geez who would have thought that?!~~Jeanne
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    my bilirubin is back to normal. The two other liver enzymes are getting there! The other two liver enzymes are almost back to normal. So FYI supplements(or @ least the ingredients used in the coating or capsules)can cause problems!

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    for liver problems. I assume that you were tested for all three common hepatitis viruses. By the way, a company called Vertex is in stage 2 testing of an oral drug that cures 98% of hep C in two weeks. bill