Abortions and Fibromyalgia

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  1. frankiesmom

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    My mother-in-law watches this Catholic television station (I can't remember the name of it). One of the programs mentioned that Fibromyalgia was dominent in women who have had abortions. It stated that the pain from fibro is caused by the overwhelming guilt that has built over the years for having the abortion.
    I could not believe it when she told me this.
    Has anyone else heard about this? What about men who suffer?
    I know that this is a sensitive subject and very personal, but I was wondering how many of us who are suffering out there have had an abortion.
  2. AuntTammie

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    I haven't heard this. I have CFS and Fibro, have never had an abortion, and am personally against them, but I also would never, never, never condemn someone who has had one. Unfortunately, some well meaning people cause more harm with their misguided attempts to push what they believe on others. I do know that a lot of people who have had abortions do feel very guilty afterwords, and I also know that the physical affects of abortions can cause complications down the road. So, it is certainly not impossible to believe that having an abortion could be a trigger (one among many) for getting Fibro. Still, telling someone that that's why they have Fibro is a horrible thing to do! If they are already feeling guilty about the abortion and they are already feeling physically horrible from the Fibro, why on earth should someone compound the problems by implying that it is their fault? That is just so wrong! True Christians are supposed to strive to be more like Christ, and He is forgiving. They should be offering love and support, not condemning people.
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    Hi Frankiesmom,

    There seems to be no end to the number of people, professions, organizations, etc. who try to attribute some kind of psychological factor to those of us who deal with either FM or CFIDS (I have CIFDS). If you look closely, there's usually some kind of selfish motive behind their actions.

    It seems these kinds of people are often dealing with their own issues of insecurity, and feel some kind of perverse need to judge others so as to put themselves on some kind of pedestial. Rather pathetic really.

    I've learned to ignore and disregard these kinds of people and their opinions. I barely have enough energy to deal with my own health issues. I have no interest in getting involved in these kinds of people and their own mental/emotional issues.

    AuntTammie - Good reply!

    Best, Wayne

    P.S. I don't know what your spiritual orientation is, but I might just add that I do not believe abortion is a sin, nor does it incur any kind of karma.[This Message was Edited on 02/08/2009]
  4. TeaBisqit

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    I'm completely sterile/barren. I can't have kids, never had them. And all my friends with this disease are the same. None of us can have children, nor have any of us had them.
  5. rachel76

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    Absolute rubbish.
    With due respect to your Mother in law and religion of course.
    There's zero research on the subject and there's tons of us who got this too young to even think of getting pregnant never mind having an abortion. I got this at age 15 for example - after mononucleosis. Actually I don't know any person with fibro who had an abortion and I know a lot of fibros. I'm surprised that a Catholic TV station could even say something as silly as that.
    Am also surprised that they have Catholic TV stations in America.
    C'mon you must have known abortions have nothing to do with fibro.:)
  6. Sandyz

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    I have never had any abortions either so I don`t know about that theory. I wish they would shut-up about all these theories and just focus on a cure!
  7. Janalynn

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    I'm just wondering is this isn't some kind of "message" -
    don't have abortions or look what you could end up with.
    Gosh I hate that kind of stuff.
  8. munch1958

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    One of my friends has had several abortions but no Fibro or CFS. While I've had NO abortions and both FM and CFS as a result of a Lyme infection. Leave it to the Catholics to lay on some more guilt. If anyone should have Fibro it should be the nuns who smacked us around for the tiniest infractions in grade school. Some of those nuns were just plain mean but I don't even wish this on them.
  9. Bluebottle

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    This is an incredibly offensive and unscientific viewpoint. There is no evidence for it whatsoever. It is just another horrible example of religious extremists trying to control women.

    Yes, I've had an 'abortion' - a spontaneous abortion, otherwise known as a miscarriage, of my first and much wanted baby.
  10. kbak

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    I am pro life but it drives me crazy when people attribute fibro to depression. I'm sure depression does cause people pain, but people in pain with fibro should not be grouped into the depression or guilt group. It baffles me in this day of information that we have to keep fighting this misunderstanding. I'm quite sure that many put fibro into this small box so they don't have to take the time to really understand what's going on. If I don't understand fibro than I don't have to deal with it.

    Take care,
  11. BlueSky555

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    No way! I have NEVER had an abortion; don't believe it. (my belief and opinion)

    Take care,

  12. JaneSmith

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    No disrespect but this is stupid. I started with FM at age 15. And I never had an abortion - didn't even have a boyfriend. They need to stop talking like that. It is disturbing.

  13. SnooZQ

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    how many of us have? For the record, a very quick search brought up one study that showed increased fibro symptoms in those who had had abortions. http://www.komci.org/GSResult.php?RID=95806&DT=1

    Perhaps women who have had abortions DO suffer more fibro pain than the norm. Perhaps they are another one of many subgroups. If women in this subgroup (hx of abortion) DO suffer more fibro than the general population, I am not going to deny their pain.

    "I didn't have an abortion and I have fibromyalgia" -- this statement is true for me.

    However, just because that statement is true for me, it does not necessarily relate to statements of the incidence of fibro in women who HAVE had abortions.

    It relates ONLY if we believe there is BUT ONE cause of fibromyalgia.

    The other logical boondoggle is when we try to force a false conclusion, as in: Fibromyalgia occurs in women who have had abortions... therefore women w/fibro must have had an abortion.

    That conclusion could only hold if there were but ONE cause of fibro.

    I detest, as do many of you, doctors who believe that depression is the only cause of fibro. However, the fact that a percentage -- around 20% I believe, of fibro sufferers DO respond to AD medication does suggest that at least a subset of us are so inclined, causatively. And then there are the fMRI studies showing differences in fibro brains ...

    It's very well accepted that psychological factors, for better AND for worse, play a role in most every illness.

    I know that I have over-reacted to docs who present psych factors as the ONLY causes. I have made progress in treating my illness by addressing actual physical, biological, and environmental triggers. But I am not above being influenced by the psychological -- which when you get down to it, is actually biological/biochemical.

    ;) So now you've heard it from the devil's advocate.

    Best wishes, peace out. Not intending to stress you all ...

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  14. Clay2

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    I'm sure these people can find some similar thing for us guys. In fact, I'll bet men like me who have chronic pain must like porn.

    Except I don't, but I'm sure that doesn't matter.

    Idiots. These same people used to blame mothers for homosexual sons and autistic children too.
  15. mya42607

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    most of the time the ppl giving their opinions on this disease are the ones that dont have it...no disrespect to anyone but i get tired of it.
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