About a couple items we have been told help!

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    O.K. first there was a light or lamp that we could use indoors to give us help maybe it was for the appearence of sunlight. What is that for again?

    My vitamin D level at my last doctors visit was nil to none. I am on 50,000 units via capsule per week now.

    Another thing that was discussed on the OLD forum was a bra that was suppose to be the best for people with fibro. Do any of you know what kind that was or if not what is a good one?
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    I take the D3 as well, but used to take the once a week pills. I haven't had my D levels tested in a few years but need to do that, as mine never got past 23-26 (started off at 16).

    As far as a bra, I am not sure what's been discussed here but my mother just ordered me a Genie bra, which she and her friends saw on HSN...I usually wear Bali double support around the clock, and underwire if I go somewhere, as I hurt MORE if I don't have good support, especially my upper spine. However, two of my mom's closest friends bought those bras, one has FM and is quite obese and she LOVES it, and her other friend is going through a nasty battle w/ breast cancer and says it's the only bra she can wear. So I'm curious to try it out. I hope I'm not off on the spelling but she said she ordered directly from the website, whereas her friends got it from HSN.


    PS HI, Jam!!
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    I have a therapy light and it helps.

    I think the bra can be purchased at Walmart and is called something like Simply? Simple?. Other than that I can't remember but maybe this will jog someones memory. I may go to Walmart tonight and if I do, I will look. I'm thinking it is a bra with a camisole but don't quote me. :>)

    Take care.


    Susan when you say "alternative" do you mean adjunct therapies or alternative in the true sense .

    The light therapy has been shown in studies to help the "winter blues" and mild depression as well as being used with ADs.

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    A good and comfortable bra sold by Walmar is the t-shirt bra...I think it's Fruit of the Loom, no underwire, decent support and about $7 or so. I own two of these bras, and I purchased two for one of my daughters, and she really likes them too.

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    TY for the info, I wonder where you get the colored lights one?

    One bra might be the one, they have front closer but I am not sure this is the link for the right oe talked about several yrs ago here.


    These sort of look like sports bras. I will do more checking.
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