About CFS and Depression

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    CFS can hit people very hard cognitively but not so much physically as well. I've seen cases like that myself on videos like Living Hell which you can get from the Natl. CFIDS Foundation. There was a man on it who was hit so bad in the brain but he could still garden and appeared to not be suffering physically. He said he was so depressed people would never be able to believe it. He said he'd once had a silver tounge and now his wife had to help him say even that or anything else for that matter. I've also seen PWC like that on YouTube.

    I think that the harder PWC are hit cognitively the more likely they are to be depressed. Especially if their brains once really worked for them and now don't.

    I think it's important to know that CFS can hit people very differently. It's too bad the CDC mucked all this up though. It will be a great day if we can have a bio-marker.

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    I am depressed because I cannot have a life from this disease. I'm not well enough to work or go to school or even volunteer for anything. I'm not well enough to go to church or support group meetings.

    Losing all ability to socialize and work will make you depressed.

    Being in severe pain everyday with a thousand other horrible symptoms will make you depressed.

    We have a right to be depressed because we are sick. I think it would be really weird if we were happy because we were sick.

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