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  1. maxsy1221

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    when going, do they at least give you some kind of estimate as to how long its going to take? Is the fix then "permanent?" They don't have centers in Illinois, "yet" but plan on going when they do. I have tried everything and am about to sell my house just to try and get better!! Thats how much its costing me. Still also looking for answers to the cold lazor therapy treatment. Wish I knew more about that. Or Neuro-biofeedback therapy. I don't know about you all, I'm getting desperate!! I LOVE this site tho and read all threads every day and nite..........HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU!!
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    is a "cure"...and I would be skeptical of anyone who does claim it. The FFC I am going to (in Pittsburgh) reports that many patients experience up to an 80% decrease in symptoms. Personally, I have tried so many treatments with no results, that any change for the better is well worth the cost of going to the FFC. I have only been there twice so I haven't noticed any differences yet-- but they say it can take several months to feel better- especially if you have to be treated for underlying infections (killing them off is no treat).

    I wish you the best of luck in finding a treatment that works for you!

    -Soft hugs,
  3. maxsy1221

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    Thank you for responding dakota...i pray it works for you. keep us posted!!
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    I think we all forget these centers haven't been open very long. I had to go for an IV Tuesday and asked my nurse how long have they been in business.

    She said she thought it was under 2 years. These centers are learning more and more about FM/CFS and what the root causes are and are perfecting their protocols as time goes on.

    I do understand what you're saying about trying everything and willing to sell your house just to get well.

    As far as the fix being permanent, some may get well quicker if they've not been sick for very long while others will take more time and may have to be diligent in keeping their bacterial load down for the rest of their lives (I'm talking about lyme mostly which is very hard to eliminate completely.)

    The great thing (as I'm sure you've read) is the FFC's don't just focus on one thing ---- usually its a combination of things that get us in the shape we are in.

    Hope you're able to get to one. For me, they've been a lifesaver.


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