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    Does it take as long to get on SSI as it does to get on SSD? I'm seriously wanting to file. I was thinking I could file for SSI first and if I get that I could wait for the SSD to come thru cause I know that will take awhile. Just thinking I'd have a little income with the SSI. I can also get cheaper housing if I'm already on it.

    Did anyone here do this and can you give me some pointers? I have FM and not sure yet if the dr's going to dx me with CFS. Will I need as much documentation for SSI as you do with SSD or is it the same?

    Anything you can tell me will help. Thanks so much ahead of time. Keke
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    When I first applied for SSD they ask me if I wanted to see if I qualified for SSI that would pay me while I awaited my SSD decision.

    I would have gotten SSI right away if my husbands income had been $200. lower. I think it varies from state to state but in WA state if family income is less then $900. SSI would be approved right away.

    I just checked on this last week, but since my husband gets SSD and is about $1100. a month it knocked me out of getting SSI.

    Call you local SS office and ask what amount the family income can be and you still get the SSI.

    I know the same rule applies in MO but I don't recall what the family income can be there.
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  3. keke466

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    Thank you. I don't make anywhere near 2000. a month and that's gross I'm sure. I'm lucky if I make 800.
  4. lillieblake

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    In Michigan, SSI is for those who don't have a work history.

    SSD is based on what you earned when you worked.

    State disability aid is available for those with no income.

    You might try looking on your states web page.

    Hope this helps.


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