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    my children and hubby at an early age understood there was somethings mom could not do. i worked to provide some of the extra stuff, but was totally exhausted. a few years later we moved to a place that did not need the extra income from me. my health got better and i really believe it was do due the lack of emotional as well as physical stress.
    there are times i still want to give up and live alone. but david is always here for me, so are my kids, sometimes. they are getting better (23,29,30). i have days that i have to stay in bed on a heat pad due to spasm aches and pains in the back, etc. i hurt my hand loading the dishwasher last year and learned to wear a brace on my hands if i do dishes, or to let the other adults here do the dishes. there are 3 adults, so it can get done.
    if we were to leave our loved ones (the ones that unconditionally love us), their lives would be cut short from the knowledge, wisdom and love that is especially from us to them. our lives cross others paths and we never know when it was intentional. Col. 1:12.

    i have just spent a couple weeks filling in for a friend at her job. it was 80 hours and there was aches and pains, but the enjoyment of being around others and out and about, made up for the aches. we will always have problems with fibro. i choose to not let it stop my heart from loving or my mind from appreciating the breath of every moment.

    sorry if this is werid, but i felt this was needed. at least now i feel better. hope you do too, friend

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    Weird? Hardly. All well said and a needed reminder for some of us.
    Life is always important even if it is not the ideal way.

    Your family is lucky and apparently you and your DH has done a fine job in raising them...on what is really important.

    Thanks for a great posting......

    Blessings to all of you.......Susan
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    You a hug is all.

    Love Anne C
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    Your post is proof that there are connections we do not know of.

    I think it wondrous that someone like you would just pop in here and post something so important.

    Yes, let's cherish today and those round us.

    Thank you for thinking of us while you were thinking of this!!