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    What are the clinical signs or symptom improvement that indicates that the therapy is cleaning up the fibrin on the artery walls?
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    and I am glad you found the right solutions and are getting much better...Do you see a big difference, now in how you assimilate nutrional supplements, oxygen, etc.

    I am, probably, a lot more marginal, as I tend to overheat rather than being white and coldish..Does that rule it out?

    Brought these issues, now to doc..Will the PTT rule this problem completely out, or will there be lingering questions, in my mind? Probably, you will say,as I am one of those endless questioners..yea, it's probably what got me here..but don't mean to be so bothersome..

    I brought my physician a huge stack of materials today...but how else is going to be communicated? I wish I had a already CFS-knowlegable physician, but there is noone
    here, as she indicated..at least, she seems to be a lot more open than previous docs.

    Hope you are doing very well,