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  1. Carollie

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    Can someone refer me to the post where someone was explaining what she underwent during a liver biopsy.

    I just learned that I'm due for one soon due to my viril titer levels being on the high side with this hep c..

    Thank you so much.
  2. over50

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    I had HCV,went through Pegasys/Interferon for 6 mos,and then had a biopsy.
    It was very quick.
    They let my daughter come with me.
    The nurses were very nice,and gave me something to relax me.
    DO NOT LOOK AT THE NEEDLE,it felt like a jab,or poke but it was quick,nurse asked my pain level,I said I wanted something NOW for the pain.please. I dont do well with pain.I will have to look up viril titer levels.There is alot I dont remember from that whole experience.I will be praying for you. I am having hard time today thinking.If I can help you in any way let me know.You ae not alone.
    Love ya,Linda
  3. BxGirl

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    Carole, I am the person who posted about my liver biopsy. Go to my Profile and you'll find it.

    I was scared to death before the biopsy. I needn't have worried. It was not bad at all. First they did an ultrasound of my liver. That was cool - I actually got to see it. Then the doctor came in. I already had an IV hooked up in my arm. He was so sweet! I told them I wanted medicine to help me relax and he was fine with it. It started to work and I was relaxed. First he gave me a small shot to numb the area. Then he did the biopsy. The needle WAS big but I barely felt it. The weirdest thing is that it makes a loud noise when it goes in. But it was no big deal. It looks worse than it is.

    I had to lay in the bed for about 5 hours afterwards. I read, watched TV and they gave me lunch (with a big fat piece of chocolate cake)!!!! I went home around 4:00.

    I had to stay home the next day. I was very sore for about a week but nothing I couldn't handle. The main thing is they want to make sure you don't bleed a lot. Before I had the biopsy they took blood and I had to wait about an hour to make sure it clotted easily.

    Please don't be too scared. You'll be fine!!!! Let me know how it turns out! You can ask me anything!