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    James, you asked about other resources to talk about. I wanted to tell you about a great website dedicated to palstic surgery preparation and recovery. It is called www.makemeheal.com.
    I am going to do a Facelift on June 27th and when I started my research I was surprised by the lack of information out there. I go on other mesage baords for plastic surgery and other women recommended this site to me. I got a guide for facelift and since that all my fears are gone. There is much more to know than the few guidelines given by the doctor. Details such as how to best reduce your symptoms, nutrition, preparing your home for your recovery period, homeopathy you should take, camouflage makeup to hide some bruises, etc.

    I really recommend makemeheal to everybody having questions about plastic surgery and I am very entuthiastic about it beause it really helped me being confident in my decision.