? about pain in stomach and ribs

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    I have been in pain for a few days.Mostly stuff I have been dealing with for awhile.But this pain I have in my stomach and ribs is so bad.Why does this happen.This is the pain that put me off my feet back in July and August.I am sick to my stomach,not much of an appetite and hurt so bad in my midsection.I have those pain patches the rd gave me and have those in place.I wonder why you can only use 3 patches at a time.They are called lidoderm patches.They are the coldest piece of material I have ever put on my skin.It takes your breath away it is so cold.Sometimes it helps to numb the pain a little but never completely.I am begining to wonder if I see should a GI dr. I do have IBS and that is always around but I just wonder could something else be brewing in my stomach somewhere.At one time a dr. suspected chrons disease.The pain I had back then is nothing compared to the pain I have now.I hurt so bad.And I think I mentioned the weight lose.I am still losing weight partly my doing but it is becoming more of a problem with feeling sick and hurting.
    Have any of you been diagnosed with a IBD?
    One more quick question about numbness.I had this before a few years ago and was checked for MS.Tests were fine thank God.But I continue to have this numbness in certain places on my body.Not complete numbness just enough to know something is not right.I have read that others with FM have the same problem.
    Well I am gonna get under a blanket and keep reading posts.I am so cold.When I hurt and feel bad I have the worst case of cold chills and cold night sweats.
    Thanks everyone for your help,
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    For years I have had Reflux,been taking PPI's. Last November, I got terrible stomach pain, right in mid section, and ribs hurt. Had an upper endoscopy(I have these every three years)and there were five Gastric(not colon) polyps-two that were unusual. Gastro surgeon removed them and the pain went away. His take on this was "Well, these don't usually cause pain, but it seems as if they were in your case, and that is possible, as I few other women have said the pain went away."

    You need to see a gastro and get checked. Some gastro's are hopeless, years behind the times, I happened on a good one, but even he was opinionated and depreciating of women. I just think when you have FM, which has auto immune "feel" then other stuff one gets -well, we get it ten times as badly. Hope you are feeling better. The rib pain, could be referred pain from nerve endings, or part of the FM as my ribs hurt a lot with FM at times.
    Love Cromwell