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    The only understanding doc I had, was head of pain management at major hosp. here. He had cfids. I am telling this story for those who have posted about this topic. Seemed like good time to tell. He went on many supplements, total good diet, fillings removed,acupunture,message,thai chi,etc. He got better for awhile and continued his practice pushing the alternative field as a cure. Hired top nutritionist, herbalist etc. He wanted me to go on his program, way out of my price range. I saw him 1 day regular appt. Thought, he looks terrible, lost way too much wt. yellow tinge, just not healthy. He also changed his tune offered me pain meds or what ever to help me, gave me T.P injections. I told him I was worried about him, actually visit turned around totally, I felt he should have been paying me. Just 2 days later I got a letter he had to quit pracitice do to illness. Only 1 day notice, he was only doc I had for disability. Yet, I really thought he looked like death. So I was concerned. The point is he thought he was cured with alternative treatment. Then he crashed and hard.... So we can not sit in judgement. I have tried many supplements and even though I swear I will never put 1 more dime into them I am at the store, you guessed it my last couple $$$ in the supp. section. We are desperate to get better and feel better. Please do not sit in judgement of others. Most say elavil works for them I don`t get sleepy I crawl the walls with it. See my point, depending on fog today?? Huggss to all & Health no matter what you choose.