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  1. bibby

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    I was wondering if anyone else has been through a sleep study and if so do you take your meds as usual? I'm taking Trazadone & Ambien to help me get through the night and I did'nt know if this would affect the study.
  2. Cactuslil

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    I was told to take whatever I routinely took as far as meds. Since I don't take anything but a stronger xanax dose it didn't really matter.

    I have learned alot of sleep apnea is from problem areas above the area where a trach. would go...ie. enlarged tonsils, adenoids, weakened palate ect.

    I was truly shocked #1 that I went to sleep at all, but I did, and quickly at that...but I went into the apnea quickly also.

    **when the administrator of the sleep study came in and put the O2 mask on (I did not realize I would be receiving positive pressure) I thought I died and went to heaven!