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    I feel like i am being a big bother asking all the ? lately but i don't have anyone to talk to and it is such a relief to come to this site and not have anyone telling me it is all in my head or i don't believe you etc. I wish i would have started talking on here when i first found it. Anyway my question is, is it safe to take magnesium, cq10, bromelain and the other ones i hear that people are taking without talking to your doc first? I don't have a doc that believes me yet so that would be a problem getting him to say that i needed it. am going to rhuemy doc next month and am very excited. he is supposed to be very good. First one since 1992. Hope he can help me. Thanks for everyones suggestions.

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    I take magnesium, but have not tired the CO 10, Bromelin yet.

    I think the only problem with taking magnesium would be if you have problems with your kidneys.

    Its always good to ask your doctor before adding anything if you are taking meds. Some supplements, herbs, etc. do not work with different meds. Also you can check with your pharmacist.

    You feel free you ask all the questions you have around here, we will answer if we have some information for you. Thats how we all learn.

    I am glad you are getting to see a doctor next month, sure hope its a good one.

    Take care..............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I don't have a doctor for Fibro. I've only seen a gyno for the past several years. Therefore, I "self medicate" with supplements. If I find something that I want to try, I research it thouroughly thru the Net and on this board using the search feature and find out if I need to take it, what the side effects (if any!) are, and all that. If you are already on meds from MD's, then I would make sure the supplement wouldn't interfere with the meds.

    I always start one new supplement at a time, to see if you have any reaction. Wait a week or so before introducing another new one. I'll take it for a couple months and if there's no clear benefit, I'll stop. If you were benefiting from it, you'll find out after about a week of not taking it.

    Of course, if your new Rheumy is knowledgable, he'll have some recommendations as well of different meds/supps that you should take. Make sure to tell him everything you are taking.

    Good luck, Debbie