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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LostHearts, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    Hi, I am back on the boards after a very long time. Things have not been going at all well; in fact, the future looks extremely bleak but that's not why I'm posting today.

    I want to thank the people who are writing about breast reduction. If I don't have one I will go out of my mind. My breasts are so heavy and huge that my body takes a size 12 while I have to wear clothes that are 2 sizes bigger just to fit me. One of the many pleasures I had was wearing cutting edge fashion clothes and costumes when I am able to attend any of the horror/thriller conventions I used to enjoy so much (they even have a costume contest). Now whatever I put on makes me look like a cow--not kidding. My hubby will vouch for that. I won a beautiful velvet dress on eBay to wear to a wedding on Saturday and, as usual, it fits beautifully until it hits the chest area. Even my hubby said "oh my God, can't you strap them in! It would look gorgeous if only your breasts were smaller." (He's not cruel, I asked him to be blunt.) Larger sizes look like tents on me.

    Due to my conditions I can't wear anything--even a strapless bra. My last attempt resulted in me almost vomiting and passing out from the pain. So I just hang there looking just awful.

    I could go on but here's my problems:

    1)money (of course) No insurance except Medicare and I'm sure they will not pay anything. They'll say "lose weight". Please tell me how to do that when I have Fibro and RSD, cannot wear any kind of breast support due to excruciating pain, and waking up with migraine like headaches almost daily. We are way too poor and just paying off my hubby's $10,000 dental bill and surgeons want their money up front.

    2) My RSD doctor is against it and one surgeon already told me she wouldn't operate on anyone with RSD. Yes, I know there are risks but that is a "maybe". The pain and weight brought on by my breasts (plus not being able to wear suitable clothes and exercise properly) are already "givens". What the surgery will do is an unknown. I am willing to take the chance.

    If anyone has any experience in this or suggestions, please post. I had a breast reduction in 1981 but that was before all the horrible changes in my body took place. I am about ready (and came very close to) just doing some self surgery--yes, it's that bad. I am 35 inches around my ribcage and my breast size is DD at least.

    Sorry to go on and thanks for just reading this.
  2. ilovecats94

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    My son's fiancee recently had that done and her insurance did pay because of the pain it was causing her. It is possible that Medicare would pay for that if you could validate your pain/misery.

    I'm surprised when you had the previous breast reduction, you didn't get the size down to a C, like she did.

    She is unable to breast feed in the future, she is only 30, has never had any children.

    I forgot what RSD is, sorry. I guess the only way you can go is with two piece outfits. If the doctor feels you shouldn't get another operation and you had a second opinion, I don't know what to tell you. I do know of the suffering from that and I wish you the best.

  3. TXFMmom

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    You did not say where your RSD is located. If it is due to the breasts, then reducing their size should relieve the RSD. I can't believe that you are a DD when you have had a breast reduction before.


    Since you have developed a RSD once, they will need to be very, very cautious in respect to working around any nerves, and positioning on the operating table should be extra cautious.
  4. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    I appreciate the caring and interesting suggestions. I should elaborate a little on my previous surgery. I started having budding breasts starting when I was 10 years old and was the butt of jokes and teasing throughtout my growing years. I had a reduction done, but it was in 1981 and was a decent size C, though my request was for an even smaller size.

    However, due to my physical illnesses preventing me from exercising decently (I was a fanatic on physical fitness before being cut down so dramatically by fibro and RSD) my breasts continued to grow. It is where my body tends to store fat. After menopause, my breasts got really larger. The cosmetic surgeon (Dr. Resch in NJ, if anyone is familiar with her) told me in 2001 that often after menopause breasts shrink but in rare cases some do get larger. I've course, I am that exception.

    It would be hard to prove that the large size is the sole source of my pain since I have RSD and fibro all over my body. If I support my boobs with my hands, the pain in my back reduces about 50% and my posture improves significantly. If I had the money, I just would pay for it and that would be that.

    I love to dress in gothic and edwardian type clothing. My breast size prevents me from wearing some wonderful outfits. We often meet up with musicians an celebrities and seeing the wonderful things I could be wearing but for my upper body size is heartbreaking. And the biggest problem is that their size of 38DD makes me look very heavy everywhere. I am a size 12 in the rest of my body but have to turn to 16 or 18 to get the clothes to fit my upper body. I've tried two piece outfits and if anything I look worse. I simply don't match. My closet if full of lovely velvet coats, jackets and tops that fit until it comes to the chest.

    Please don't think me foolish for letting this be a problem, but dressing on the cutting edge of fashion was one of my greatest pleasures. Now, especially from the front, I literally look like I have cow's udders on my upper body. My hubby says they make me look like I must weigh over 200 lbs!

    I am not kidding, I took a knife one day out of frustration and said I'll start reducing them myself and then they'll have to fix the botched job. Hubby had to take the knife away from me. That's desperation! The breasts now consist mainly of fat. But exercise makes matters worse by reducing everything else and still leaving me with a DD.

    I know there is no easy answer, but it is good to vent. Bless you all for taking the time to reply. It was especially heartbreaking this week as I tried on my dress from eBay and we had to make slits in the chest area just so I could breath (see my original post). Of course the whole effect of the outfit was destroyed. The rest flowed gracefully to the ground :(

    Please do not think me a vain person. I want to wear the lovely things that have been sitting in my closet for 4 years now. And the boobs hang so very low since wearing a bra, even strapless, produces excruciating pain. This is a big factor in producing that hugely overweight look.

    Again, thanks for just reading about my problem. I would take the unknown effects of a reduction against what I am suffering both physically and emotionally every day. For one who was proud of her athletic build, it is a heartbreaker.

    You are all angels for wanting to help.

    One more thing, about the stomach bloating--British research has shown that the crazy bloating (which can change a few inches in a matter of hours) is helped tremendously by drinking large amounts of water and eating cereals very rich in fiber. Now when the bloat starts to appear I begin to eat high fiber (10 grams or more per serving) and drinking a lot of water begins to flush all that out and my stomach area returns to normal. The breasts, however, aren't affected. If I can find that article I'll post it. It does work, and very well.

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