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    I have seen a few of you here mention about taking Echinacea....A few nights ago on our news (Chicago), they said that researchers have concluded that the form being sold in health stores does absolutely nothing.....
    Not knocking it, just passing along the info...........


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    It lacked details though....so it would be real tough to draw any conclusions from it. I would be interested in reading the particulars about it, if anyone happens across the test and results.
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    I wrote on another thread yesterday that the report on enchinacea was mentioned on one of our biggest Canadian news channels and that according to the latest research at some university in the U.S. (could have been Ann Arbor) it has been proven that it is useless. And, I believe that there is enough truth in it from my own experiences and my doctor's advice on enchinacea.
    There are many other herbs/vitamins and other alternatives on the market which rather have a placebo effect and can be even dangerous than be of benefit.
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    I have a friend who adores this herb and uses it on everything. But it has to be right or true echinacea and not just one brand off the health food shelf or local drug store. She says it has to be whole root and leaf, and in liquid tincture only. A drop or two on tounge will numb the tounge if it is true echanacea, and if not, send it back, or take back???

    I know it helped my son through some horrible crouping fits when he was younger.

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    If you believe that FMS is an autoimmune disorder, as many do here, then you should not be taking Echinacea anyway, nor astragalus either. I was told not to take them by my Naturopath, and I was also told that those who do take Echinacea should never take it for longer than 3 weeks without a break, as long term use actually injures immunity instead of stimulating it.
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    Come to think of it, I used to take this back when I was healthy and got the flu. Wonder what it does to your immune system? I know what it used to do for your bowels. Well me and the people I knew who took it.

    I took tryptophan too. In the old days before it was banned.
    When I read how sick it made some people I thought wow I dodged a bullet there. Now Im not so sure I dodged it.