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    I went through it and combined it with another I found online b/c that one had a few things that weren't on the one I found here. I have tried to eliminate any duplications too.

    I am left with a list of 80+ symptoms!! Some are minor and infrequent, some are pretty mega. Mostly the constant and chonic pain. :-(

    Going to see the family doc on Tuesday. I have no idea what her PoV on fibromyalgia or CFS or ME etc is. And I don't know if I really want a diagnosis or not, to be honest.

    Should I tell her what the naturopath said and that I did my own research too? Maybe I shouldn't mention "The Internet" b/c a little knowledge may be a dangerous thing and all that...!

    Should I print out the list and present her with it?

    How do I broach the subject in the way that is least likely to backfire?
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    After going to see my Doc for various complaints, I got a lot of sympathy but very little action. After the fifth visit I decided it just wasn't working, so I went home and wrote down all of my symptoms and medications in a letter - it was four pages long!!! I never referred to the internet, just listed my concerns. My last sentence was "could this be fibro?" The next visit, I handed it to her and said "I'll just sit here quietly while you read this." So she did, and I did, then she asked a few questions. She said it was a possibility, and referred me to a rhuemotologist. She was not offended - in fact, she faxed that letter to the new Doc so she had all my info.

    I think what happened with me is that I went in with a different complaint each time, and they were never really all presented together until I did it with that letter. I have been diagnosed with fibro, and am anxious to get the right treatment to at least get a little of me back again.

    Good Luck,
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    You know, in this climate, I would take the 4 major symptoms and tell her about them...

    Don't mention FM or CFS...let her diagnose it on her own. That way she feels she did a good job and will be more willing to find a way to help you.

    A good doc will rule out anything else that can cause your symptoms..and who knows, that may solve many of your problems...esp. thyroid!

    If you are badly depressed over how you feel, say so! You would be rx'd an antidepressant...just go very slow and at very low doses...if you have CFS or FM, you will know it because we often require only 1/4 the amt of meds to feel better.

    Sleep problems? Tell exactly what happens to you in order to get her to "see" what is happening better. Often, depressed people wake up in middle of night and can't go back to sleep; FM people do it because of pain, and CFS also sometimes.

    Lymph nodes hurt (under arms, neck, in groin?) Tell her; this may make her look for other things, like infection.

    Severe fatigue? Ask if you have mono; even if you don't have an "active" case, she may do an Epstein-Barr test to see if you might have "chronic EBV"...a big clue, but not singularly definitive.

    Severe muscle pain? She may refer you to a Rheumatologist for an FM exam, or be able to do it herself; if it hurts when she presses on certain points, YELL!

    Cognivite problems? Write down how it happens.

    HAVE to lie down within 12-48 hrs of exertion, or even sooner? Or feel like you might just die? Tell her.

    You get the idea...hope you do not have CFS OR FM: so many other illnesses have treatments a doctor can prescribe. We are pretty much on our own until the CDC gets off their butts and priortizes our illnesses.

    There's always hope!
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    but what else could it be if not FM? I feel that something systemic is going on and had lots of tests for individual "issues". Results were inconclusive. (Thyroid is borderline, the mystery pain in lower right quadrant doesn.t seen to be bowel, bladder or gynae...). I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Maybe if I present the list and say I think it is systemic? then let her ask Qs then tell her what the ND said??