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    I have had the use of the Gazelle exeriser since last Febuary. I used it for three weeks, started out doing five mins slowly for three weeks, at 7am. I started to notice that it took me about two hours to fall asleep. It seemed as though my body wouldn't stop moving when I layed down at night. I was very restless so stopped using the exeriser. It took me over a week to get back to normal falling asleep. I would like to start using it again, it was easy to do. I had no pain and enjoyed it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could use it .I was going to increase the time by 5 mins per month. Does anyone have this machine? If so how are you doing with it? I would appreciate any advice that you could give me. Have a great day. Gail
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    HI..Noticed your bio thatyou live in Mooresville with your daughter. We have a small place on Brawley School rd.[No, not the Point] Further down in what used to be called the Meck Neck. My son, who is a nurse at Statesville Hospital lives there but we visit alot.. I love the lake and can get so relaxed there. I know what you mean about sitting on the beach. I grew up in Charleston, SC. Love the beach and sleep so much better listening to the waves. Maybe we'll run into each other in Mooresville sometime. We go to St. Patrich's Episcopal church when down there. Lol, Mary
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    It was nice to hear from you. I live off of Rinhardt road near Lancasters restuarant. I know what you mean about the "POINT'.I do some food shopping at Lowes. My doctor is right there on Brawley Rd. Do you go to the FM meetings at St. Tereasa Catholic church on Brawley? It is the second Monday of the month? Maybe we have already met. Have a great day. Gail
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    Yep I have one and love it I am sorry you are having difficulty with falling asleep
    As I have CFS, I really have noticed no difference and have talked with a few in the chat room who also have one.
    One thing I have noticed that we have in common is that we get on the Gazelle in the am much like you. I am up to about 10 min at a time. I had to get one because of the non impact. You see I broke my back a couple of years ago and it is the only type of exercise besides swimming I am allowed to do. I do soak in a warm tub before bed as it relaxes my muscles and I also use a hand held massager. I have always had a problem with restless legs and it seems to have lessened over time but I can not say for sure that it is the Gazelle that has helped this. I use a pillow between my legs to support my hips and back. maybe this would help you. Don't overdo. I do not stay on until my legs feel like jelly. I generally do not even look at the time I just swing away till I get that feeling that it is time to quit. I hope you can continue to use it as exercise is so... important.
    Good luck and
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    Does the Gazelle help the knees to get stronger, too? Or are all the exercises done just like walking? I'd really like to get the Gazelle, since winter will be coming and can't be outside too much...I don't want to lose any muscle tone that I've built the past several months. However, I still have so much trouble walking up stairs. Don't know if I should get the Gazelle or a stationary bike. Any suggestions? Good luck to you!