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    this is my first post, im new to this, noones in chat, so here goes,my christmas decor. is making me crazy, im so ready to pack it all away, but i cant for the kids, if all feels like clutter, and leaves a real unsettling feeling, like a spilled glass of soda, that u know is there, and that needs to be cleaned, isnt that sad? i cry everyday, ive been on 4 diff. meds. tried to sue my dr for bad zoloft reactions, my marriage is falling to pieces, i watch my niece , her mother gave me a 50$ christmas bonus, out of her 1500.00 bonus,im just ready to run away to the wilderness and live like pochanatas!!!!! noone understands, that think im just piss wining about a bad day, but i cannot function normally, and all my tears unnotices, if anyone can relate, please do..popoff
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    I know how you feel. When I my fibro issues reared their ugly head (1997) and then was first diagnosed (2004) I felt this way. No one understood and it seemed that no one really cared about my medical condition or my limitations because of it.

    I've come to realize now that to me, it doesn't matter if they get it or now. I have limits for how far I can push my body, how much sleep I need, what therapies I need, etc. and they have to learn to understand it or live with it. I still hear the occasional comment about how much I sleep or how I may whine from time to time, but it doesn't bother me anymore. I know that it is up to me to treat myself right and to do what I can to minimize my symptoms. Reducing stress has been a HUGE one for me!!
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    I know exactly what you're talking about when you say the Christmas decorations are like clutter, and are driving you crazy. My husband suffers from OCD, and putting up decorations is an impossibility in our house. Thank goodness we don't have children. That's our excuse we use when people ask why we don't decorate. We blame it on not having children, or much family, so there's really no reason. No one would understand. We have tried to decorate in years past, and he's not comfortable until it's all taken down and put away. He tries, he really does. He's good at hiding it, and no one would really suspect the real reason.

    I'm not implying that you have OCD, I'm just saying that you're not alone in how you feel about the decorations.

    Please don't be too hard on yourself.

    I hope things will be better for you after Christmas is over.

    Your friend,

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    Welcome to the board.

    I am so sorry that you are feeling so down right now this time of the year. I have been blue myself alot lately, but I also have to put my chin up for the sake of my children and my neice and nephew.

    Merry Christmas. Please feel free to talk to us when you are low. I am not always on here, but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers this week.

    Blessings to you and your family,
  5. thatcrazychick

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    thankyou very much for taking the time to reply, best of wishes, happy holidays!!
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    That's the one problem of always being the fun person in a group. Everyone grows to expect it and half gets angry when something cause you not to "perform." I know you are serious and my heart is with you. God bless you for putting your children first..darn, it's hard sometimes, isn't it????

    Hang in for a week...come here and tell us more about you, you will make good friends on here and not be alone...it makes a difference. Jana
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    Hi and Welcome!

    Please don't feel alone. There are so many pressures concerned with Christmas, that it can make us all feel stressed at times. Even trying to make Christmas present compare to some kind of idyllic Christmas past (in our minds usually) causes stress.

    My kids are grown and two of them haven't talked to us for 10 months now which has been very sad and confusing. Christmas will be different without them. Our son is in Maui and won't be home for Christmas. I am thankful that our oldest daughter and our two grandsons will be visiting. We decorate mostly for the kids.

    When you don't feel well, money is tight, children expect more than is realistic and there are all those magazine and tv ads showing people loving to bake and make decorations, etc., it can make anyone feel inadequate and a little down.

    I think we just need to have our own 'Merry Little Christmas" - operative word here is 'little' in our own ways. If you feel like baking - bake. Kids (especially if under 12) get a kick out of most anything as long as it is wrapped (a gift bag will do). They can decorate some slice and bake cookies easily. If there are ways that the kids can help - general picking up, dusting, vacuuming - recruit them to help. See if there is some way that you and your husband can manage a little time to yourselves and reconnect - even if it is just to go to Taco Bell for a burrito alone!

    It took me a long time to cut out perfectionist thinking. I still worry too much about stuff, but try to be accepting about the things I can't change. If you can relax and enjoy the season more - everyone else will to. I think mothers set the mood for the family. Cry in the shower and then pretend around the kids.

    It is a difficult world we live in and it takes a lot to find some joy here and there. Come to the board and express your feelings whenever you want. I, for one, will answer. Many of us have been there.

    So please enjoy a little bit and don't sweat the small stuff, ok?
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    I'm so sorry you are so sad. I know it is hard. I feel just as you do about the Christmas decorations, and all I've put up is a 3 foot fiberoptic tree, one santa, one angel and some bears. I can hardly wait until I can take it all down.

    I hope things look up for you, and send you big hugs .