? about transfer factor..

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    i notice that there are a few different kinds of transfer factor on this website's store..what is the difference in these??is colostrum the main ingrediant in them??thanks
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    on this site which I've found useful, very encouraging too.

    I'm new to all this so am on a steep learning curve and not quite got it sorted yet. That's why I decided to check out the other message board.

    I believe that some people on the hypercoagulation protocol are using TF and Spacee has recently changed over to immune transfer c which is better than the medication she had been using.

    Im looking forward to reading your replies.



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    "Transfer factor-- new era for immune therapy?" Tamara Schuit asks. (http://www.ImmuneSupport.com/library/showarticle.cfm/id/1430/T/Both/)

    Well, is it? It was Spacee's comment about Immune Transfer C that led me to the above article on transfer factor. She says that it has been working for her. Can anyone else out there add further insight?

    In particular, I am wondering...

    1. Why is it so pricey? Why not just buy straight colostrum-- $150 vs $30? Is all that extra stuff necessary?

    2. Do transfer factors compliment Kutapressin?

    3. What are the range of experiences people have had with Immune Transfer C? Or Colostrum? Or anything similar?

    4. Do Transfer Factors work for a limited period of time?

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    hi, just about to start on transfer factor...are family all have this DD since last year...we are doing CIPRO since last April, and started Heparin in late June...We started Lumbrokinase to assist with the Heparin for hypocogulation...now Dr. Berg wants our Dr. to put us on transfer factor...the one he recommends for HHV6 which he thinks is what we all have is: Advanced Medical Labs Transfer Factor TF6000....we have to take it on an empty stomach one hour before eating or two hours after eating 3 times a day. There are 90 in a bottle so will last one month....my physician will charge us $85 so could be different depending how much your dr. wants to add on for their benefit and it can only be ordered by a physician....go to Advanced Medical Labs on the internet and you should be able to pull up a fact sheet. I found mine on dr Berg's seminar site just recently...and the doctor just ordered it for us today....

    There are 6 different kinds and they are used for different purposes....Dr. Berg and Dr. Brewer and Dr. Carol Ann Ryser believe this is the best one for HHV6 (TF 6000)...

    anyway, just my 2 cents...not trying to sell anything, just letting everyone know what we are being given....

    take care! crissy
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    I believe it's in the library here. If not, you might want to type in her name on a search engine.

    Her article discusses what transfer factors (and, there are thousands of them, apparently) do and what they are. My naturopath told me, today, that they basically like vaccines, providing antibodies, to specific viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Our cells, encode these antibodies, so that when they appear, often following years of dormancy, our bodies will recognize and destroy them inside the cell.

    Most of us, with CFS, lack the immune-fighting codes for these pathogens, so our bodies are unable to expel them.

    The transfer factor works best if it's targeting, or specific to your pathogens, such as HHV 6, Epstein-Barr, Lyme, and so forth. All purpose, general tranfer factors, apparently, will just rev up our already overheated immune systems without destroying the problem-causing critters.

    That's why Ryser,and others, usually test with a PCR test for specific pathogens, which determines which transfer factors will be most effective.

    Also, it's usually preceded by anticoagulation therapy, such as heparin, so that pathogens are uncovered for the transfer factors.

    This is how I understand transfer factors. Others may have more, or different, info.

    Thanks for topic.

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    My son has milk allergies and had a bad reaction to the cow colostrum, we switched to an egg based product instead.
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    Whitch transfer factor is better? I have recurrent HHV6 and I am not sure which to order. I do know that I can get CQ10 separately and not together with TF. SO which one is better??

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    I have contacted an undisclosed wholesale company re. kutapressin. The co is working to compound an excact or close to exact version of kutapressin for distribution. Schwarz is not willing to cooperate, they were provided with an opportunity to do so-their lack of cooperation has extended the timeframe but it is surmountable.

    The entire process is being documented by a member of the congressional delegation etc.

    It may take up to several months, but my goal is to have a substitute version of kutapressin distributed throughout this country. At the very least-Schwarz now feels a little pressure to get their act together before they loose their customer base for this very profitable product.

    I also contacted the FDA drug shortage division, as Schwarz failed to do so. They are looking into the matter.

    I will update you as soon as more info is available. Please note that I may need some help with postings and communication.
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    It's wonderful that someone is actually doing something about this. I just started the kutapressin hunt for my sister in law and I'm finding nothing but roadblocks. I've talked to an online pharmacy about it, and I was told I might want to go the European route. I have no idea how to DO that. Do you have suggestions as to websites based in Europe that could possibly offer kutapressin at even a steep price? Please email me at: dramaticlass@hotmail.com if you can help me at all.

    Thank you!