Absent Leg Reflexes

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by elliespad, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. elliespad

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    I have no leg reflexes, haven't for years. Was told it was from HYPOthyroidism, but now I wonder if it might be Lyme. Do others here have NO leg/knee/ankle reflexes?
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  2. TeaBisqit

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    Doc didn't say anything, though. I think all my reflexes are super slow and my reaction time to anything is way too slow.

    Yes, it can be Lyme. I'm Advanced Lyme.
  3. victoria

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    Lyme bacteria can go anywhere they want, including the thyroid... as can the other bacteria that are able to invade tissue & blood cells.

    I still had reflexes; however, when I went thru the Marshall Protocol I found I was suddenly getting hyperthyroid symptoms after being on 3 grains of Armour thyroid for over 20 years.

    I slowly weaned off of it as my body told me to and doctor advised, and now take none...

    So you could still be called hypothyroid, but that could be caused by the lyme &/or co.

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  4. elliespad

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    Don't know what did my Thyroid in, but I no longer have one. Had it out Nov 07, and life has been HELL ever since. Nothing I would ever recommend to anyone.

    Main focus of Marshall Protocol is to avoid Vit D isn't it? Interesting, as I've been REAlLLY low in Vid D/ I think my last two tests were 13 and 16. Below 20 is deficient, and docs like you up around 50, 60, 70. But lately I am feeling SO toxic. Maybe my D levels are up, but I would be about the only person on earth to bring their levels up to normal, or excess in only 3-6 months. Still I'm going to back off until I get retested. Same with my B-12 injections. Somethings up. And it's NOT GOOD.

    Victoria, I too went off my Armour when I felt that I had hyper symptoms and was off it for about 6 months, when I realized my thyroid goiter had grown to the size of an orange and was causing trachael obstruction. Mine grew below my collar bone so it was not visible or able to be palpated by doctors. That's why I had to have it out. So, please be mindful of this as you have gone off your Armour too. I wonder if Pathology tests for anything other than cancer cells.
  5. victoria

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    So it was not palpable as a goiter? Because there's nothing obvious, my thyroid tests are all normal, and face to face physicals haven't turned up anything... I've been off thyroid now for over 3 years. But I suppose anything could happen at anytime.

    It did coincide with the MP however, about 3 months into phase 1, and it has happened to others as well, and they did warn to watch out for it.

    I also grilled my son's LLMD once about sinus pain without of course telling him it was about me (I've had major 24/7 sinus headaches with no infection at times, or, obstructions or anything else); he described my symptoms to a 'T'; and it has gotten better after going thru phase 2.

    Re the D, I honestly don't understand all the science, but having 2 doctors recommend my trying this, and the ratio of my D values (includes the D1,25 hormone which isn't really vitamin D, but is an indicator of inflammation) is what led me to try it. Have you ever had the D1,25 tested? It's right in the Merk Manual that if it's over 45 (I think (maybe 46) that there is major inflammation.

    So far I have not had any major adverse reactions at all... only problem is occasional low BP from the benicar, which extra salt takes care of as necessary. I did go off for a while after moving to a much higher elevation last summer, so I could adjust more easily. There is also research re the problems with osteoporosis and the ratio between the 2 D tests, ie, bottom line the inflammation isn't good, causes all kinds of problems. So much research on each side, not to mention argument and divisiveness on both sides... as usual.

    Bottom line with all therapies for any chronic illness is, it seems, one just has to try what seems reasonable depending on the person. I haven't seen any one therapy be 100% successful with anything, unfortunately. I sure wish it was easier for all of us.

    all the best,
  6. elliespad

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    No, my LARGE Autonomous MultiNodular Goiter was not palpable as it grew below my collar bone. I had this surgery which removed the RIGHT lobe in 1994 then it grew again and I had full Thyroidectomy in Nov 07. All those years, whether I was on thyroid supplementation or not, my LEVELS were NORMAL.. Yes, clearly my thyroid was NOT normal.

    There are some WONDERFUL people on Yahoos "Thyroidless" message boards that help with Thyroid treatment. Also, the site, "Stop The Thyroid Madness". They explain about how adequate Cortisol is necesary for cells to use Thyroid hormone, otherwise the levels in the blood rise, without the benefit of the cell receiving the hormone. Same with Iodine, Ferritin, Aldosterone and Renin. I don't understand all of it, but LOTS of good information and help available over there.

    Yeah, the Vit D info is conflicting. I've had two D tests, can't remember which ones though. For now, I'm still trying to raise mine.