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    FYI, this from my local area TV program.

    (CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA There is a warning for parents about young people getting high; not on illegal drugs or prescription drugs, but on a popular sleeping medication.

    How is a sleeping pill making them high and how are abusers getting it in the first place? CBS 3's Susan Barnett has those answers.

    They say it makes them high and even blackout, "I would fall over, I had blurred vision, weird hallucinations," said a teen who took the drug.

    It is a party drug with street names like 'a-minus' and 'zombie pills.'

    Many college kids say they're seeing more of the pills on campus.

    "I've had friends asking for them," said one student, adding, "I know of people who take it."

    It's not illegal like heroin or cocaine.

    It is Ambien, a popular prescription sleep medication. Users say they get high by fighting off the effects of the drug and forcing themselves to stay awake.

    "You start to trip out a little bit," said one of the college students.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration says Ambien is safe when used properly but Ambien abuse has the agency on high alert.

    "We're seeing a rise, that is a concern," said Special Agent Steve Robertson of the DEA.

    A recent survey showed one out of 14 high school seniors admitted taking sedatives without a prescription in the past year.

    Experts say these pills are easy to get; from online pharmacies or friends willing to share.

    "There's this misperception that if it comes from a doctor or comes from a pharmacy that it must be safe and that's just not the case," said Wilson M. Compton of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

    "If you pass out and lose consciousness when you're taking too high a dose, you might sustain a head injury and a permanent brain damage because of the fall," said Dr. Richard Friedman of the New York Presbyterian/ Weill Cornell Medical Center.

    Doctors say abusers could suffer memory loss and blackouts. The DEA says that opens the door for date rape.

    "People still do things, they just don't remember it and that's where people can take advantage of them," explained Robertson.

    One college student says that never happened to her, but she admits having little memory of her nights on the drug.

    "My friends would tell me that they found me wandering around campus and I wouldn't remember a thing."

    The makers of Ambien say they can not provide any information on the drug's misuse.

    They say their policy is to only comment on issues regarding the drug and its approved use as an insomnia medication.

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    Scary! I take ambien CR, but it doesnt have this effect on me. After reading this and other posts recently, I'm locking all my meds up! It would be a good idea for all of us to. I think it is as important to lock up meds as it is to lock up guns now. I can't proclaim innocence in my younger years, but now I know better! Now I worry about those nearest me and their temptations...

    ephemera and others reading this, perhaps it would be a good idea to start a thread about safe keeping of our meds and keep it bumped.

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