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    COPIED FROM McAfee SITE! McAfee SiteAdvisor

    Product: (Where I ordered a free trail bottle of acai berry for $5.95) PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT ONLINE AT ALL!!!!!!!

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    "Vital Acai" is a weight-loss product brand promoted by criminals. This is actually just an imitation of a genuine site selling this product ( Although that business looks suspicious as well, the criminals promoting these fake sites (and there are hundreds of them) are just after your personal and credit card details and know the right strings to pull. Even if they sent you something, how would you tell what it might contain? They could have put anything in there, and you would be endangering your health by taking those pills. They don't care, they already got what they wanted from you.

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    HAVE A GREAT DAY, Deana.

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    for posting that!! it happened to me, i had to cancel my Debit card because of it.Guess they know sick people will try just about anything to feel better, at least thats why i jumped on a trial offer on the internet.

    Not one of my better decisions :( everybody beware, also not just the Acia product, but they also do the same thing with a colon cleanse.
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