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    Does anyone ever feel that part of being sick is accepting what we have and learning who we are with this dd? I am just at the point of this journey where I think this is the best way for me to deal with this. I am never going to stop trying to get better and research this but learning different ways to make the best of what I have now at this moment will make me a better person.
    Do any of you see a counselor about this dd?
    I really think I might could benefit from one.
    Well, then people might just think I am crazy? Sometimes I think they may think I am anyway since I dont look
    this is probably not the best post but I really need to know if any of you have been to a counselor.
    I have finally decided this is me going through this and most people do not know what I go through, with the exception of you on this board because you walk in my footsteps.
    Take care and God bless all of you,hugs,
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    I am a counselor (albeit not working bc of this dd), and I also go to one myself (& she has fibro, so she gets it).....counseling can be very helpful for the reasons you said, as well as just for getting support, understanding, and acceptance from someone else - with this dd it's really nice to have someone who is on your side, so to can also be good for coming up with new ways to manage issues that arise with this illness, too (finding balance, relationships, figuring out how to manage traveling, parenting, holidays, etc)....not all of these apply to me (I don't have kids, for instance), but I am just throwing out some things that I know can be particularly tough with chronic illness issues and limitations, and that a counselor can help with

    and while I am totally opposed to the whole idea of using CBT as a "treatment" for CFS or FMS, I do believe that done properly, it (and other forms of counseling) can be very beneficial for coping with this stuff....that certainly does not mean that you are crazy, nor does it mean that the dd is in your head or a form of mental illness, or anything like that.

    and no one has to know that you are seeking counseling, if you don't want them to, but if you do want to let them know at some point, it is also possible to bring significant person/people in for a session or two w/ you in order to maybe help them understand what you are dealing with a little better - a good counselor can facilitate understanding between couples/family members/etc
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    acceptance is generally considered a very healthy way to look at having a chronic illness, as long as that acceptance is not really giving up in disguise ( and it does not sound like that's what you are doing)
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    I agree very strongly with the idea that we are to accept that we have this disease and make the best out of each day we have. For me, that may mean sitting on my deck and watching the birds, ducks, and anything else that is out there. With the acceptance comes the peace that we are where we are for right now. I have two very special friends who I have journeyed with these last 3 years and they have helped me a lot. I don't see a counselor, but these friends are so vital to my emotional and spiritual health.

    Having said that, I do a lot to try to get better. I travel to MI every 4-6 weeks and take a lot of anti-virals and antibiotics. I will never stop looking for a way to get better.

    The alternative would be to fight this disease and it will not change the physical nature of what is happening to your body, only make the emotional side worse. The answers as to where to go and what to do will more easily be found in a state of acceptance. It is my daily challenge to accept where I am in life, that includes my family, too. Somedays it is easier to do this than others, but it is definitely worth trying.

    Best of luck!!!! Cindy
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    I thank you so much Tammie and Cindy for your thoughts on this matter. It helps me to know how others feel about it. I really think the suggestion of maybe one day having family members involved also is very good. I think this could help them understand and cope with a loved one having this illness. It could really benefit them as well as me.
    ((((hugs to both of you))))
    Take care and bless you always,