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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dlizard, Dec 27, 2002.

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    you know I just have to say this here.... Doctors keep telling me to accept my illness.... now I've had all of these symptoms since I was a little girl.... and I think since I have lived with it so long I've done a pretty dang good job of accepting my limitations.... my question is .... when will they????????????
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    I know how you feel. It is the same old thing from most Doctors. You just need to except it and hopefully your one of them that can deal with the pain well. i think this DD is intimidating to them because there is no "lab test" they can do like so many other so they tend to make it out that YOU have don't have the coping skills for this illness. it is flusterating and makes you want to just scream out at them. I think that until this DD is more excepted and explained more through their medical schooling it will keep going on like this with Doctors. This is just my opinion and my take on the whole thing. It does not make it easy for those of us suffering with this disease either.
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    I have tried for the last 5 years to get someone to believe me in this disease. Even had one dr. tell me he didnt believe in fms or cfs - that they were caused by underkying factors, ie: weight, depression, etc. (The same old crap they all tell us). Anyway, I have fought so long to get one to believe me and now I have the dx Im the one thats not so happy with it. Ive read about everything I can get my hands on and knew I had it but now it is a reality it is very depressing! Have been having a very hard time accepting it now but seem to be coming to terms with it. Will be seeing pcp next week to go over the results of visit with rheumy, hopefully I will feel better about it by then. I think he still isnt too crazy about the dx either, cause I think he would have dx it by now if he believed in it. BUt one thing, he did say he had no problem giving me the meds the rheumy said he would like to see me on. It sure is good (or bad I guess depending on how you look at at!) to see someone does really understand and accepts this as a real thing. Best wishes and Gentle hugs ~ Toni
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    I have done this, too----certain symptoms, like the odd muscle twitches, I've come to them my "little friends"---I just realized after awhile that fighting this stuff only made it harder for me......everybody handles it differently, but if I haven't totally embraced the ILLNESS, I have learned to embrace certain, repetitive symptoms that used to drive me crazy. When I think of them as visiting little friends, & wryly joke about "how long they'll stay this time" if does make it easier! Sounds crazy, but I know what madwolf's talking about...