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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PVLady, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Is it possible to accept ourselves for who and what we are?

    It seems so easy to always compare myself to others who seem to be living a "normal" life - healthy and happy.

    I try to remember, you never know what someone elses life is really like. You might think they have a perfect life , etc. - but many times they have more problems than we do.

    I can't help but wonder what it would be like to wake up each day feeling good physically and mentally. To go to work, see friends, socialize, shop, travel, and not a worry in the world.

    This illness takes a huge psychological toll on us. Even if we do feel better somedays, it is hard to jump back into the stream of life.

    I am so glad to have this "family" here for support. We are all lucky to be here for each other.

  2. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member

    I can accept who I am (being sick) at this point and time, because I know I have no choice, but I can not accept that I will always be sick and not be a part of society. I have to think that someday, somehow, I will get over this. That is how I survive it.

    I realize that I will never be the person I was when I first got sick 16 years ago, but in a way that's a plus. At 50 years old, people expect me to be a little forgetful. Heck, I can even be crabby now ...

    Good post ... thanks ... Marcia

  3. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I think not accepting self is a common and human flaw. Most people have problems, maybe not as big as what we have, or so it might seem, but people do have problems. There's no such thing as "not a worry in the world." This whole thing goes to the instinct of always wanting more, not having satisfaction in what we have. All of this is very human.

    My life has always been tough, at least it seems that way to me. I'm amazed when people come up to me to let me know that they "admire" me for what I've accomplished. Why? Because I don't see it. Neither do you, or for that matter, neither does anyone see their own worth (except those who may overvalue theirselves - too much pride).

    If we realize these things, we can put a smile on our faces and know that we aren't alone when we feel like we feel sometimes.

    Just my thoughts ...

    Hugs, Jeannette
  4. CatofDoom

    CatofDoom New Member

    i've only been officially diagnosed with FMS for about a month, but have been in pain for almost 5 years. ii'm having trouble accepting my new situation. i've been talking to my therapist about it, but it's not gotten any easier. i know it will take time and am so thankful i found this site. this is my second post here, my first got 5 replies from really kind and generous people. i'm so glad to be here^.^

    i guess my issue is accepting my diagnosis...and not really the pain itself^.^
  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I will tell you, I do believe we can get rid of fibro pain because it happened for me.(for the most part). The problem is, I was sick and practically bedridden for so many years before I got better, it caused alot of problems psychologically.

    I was so used to the isolation that goes along with pain - it is a hard habit to break. I can't figure it out, but I still isolate myself.

    Even though the fibro has improved dramatically, I have digestive problems now. If its not one thing, its another!!!!

    I see you have IBS, that must cause alot of discomfort...

    With my digestive problems I have a hard time eating the first 6-7 hours of the day. Also, alot of discomfort. So weird. Later in the day, and until I go to bed, I am pretty much ok and can eat. So weird....

    I hate losing weight when I am not trying.

    How did you lose your best friend? I wish there was some sort of support group we could attend, but this board is also good.

    To control my fibro pain I had to take a pain med that really stopped the pain cold. After several months, I could not tolerate the side effects of the drug and went on a med called Subutex. Subutex is used to get people off opiates, but also treats pain.

    I take 16 mg day - actually 4 mg 4X day - you dissolve it under you tongue. It blocks pain receptors in the brain. Subutex is a very mild opiate and easy to stop taking. I have been on it several months.

    The only other meds I take for pain is Tylenol Gel Caps and 1/2 Ultram sometimes. At bedtime 5 mg Ambien.

    I hope we can continue to talk about this...

    Take care..

  6. ive had fibromyalgia /chronic fatigue syndrome/bad depression for over 11 years.and im only just finding that i can now except myself and this illness.
    as you all know,we are chronically fatigued with the fibro fight,it wears us down so doesnt it,we say we are ok,dealing with it.but if we were really honest,we arent winning the battle,we are coping,and praying for the cure.
    so yes,,look at yourself in the my case i look so ill,glazed eyes.grey skin.dark circles under the reflection looks so in need of a cuddle,a bit of love.
    i dont talk to normals about my illness,im so sick of its name even,but i do say i have a muscle illness but im coping with it on a day to day basis..thats it.i wont say anymore on the subject.
    me and I deal with it,and we accept it.i try my hardest to fit in with the normals,but my limp,my mobilty problems, let me down,well i wont say let me down,i mean they show the world that i have something wrong with me,that im different from the normals.but im accepting it,i have no choice in the matter day in the future that cure will come,and we get to be born again,pain free days ooohhh yes i can hardly wait.

    kind regards
    fran xx

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