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    This is a letter that is circulating in the Toronto area, it started with a Muslim group but is also addressed to other faith groups and everyone else too. :) A reminder to folks to be considerate about those disabled parking spots and the "curb cuts" (dips in the curb to enable wheelchair users to get on and off the sidewalk), because there are folks who NEED those facilities. I thought people here might be interested in it too, because many are disabled due to the DD and have accessibility issues too.

    CAMD is the Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities

    (I took out the address, phone no. and e-mail, because I think that's not allowed here)



    Important Information about the LAW

    Dear Community Members,

    Assalam-u-alaikum – Peace -. As we welcome Ramadan, a month of peace and blessings, we want to remind the public about accessibility for persons with disabilities.

    Under the new LAW, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), there are several changes and standards that we will be expected to obey.

    One important thing this new law wants to make sure of is that people with disabilities have full access to all public and private places. Islamic centres, schools and masjids/mosques are such places and should consider this new law very seriously. Similarly, other faith communities should inform their members about this law and promote its implementation.

    Existing bylaws for parking without a permit in designated spots for persons with disabilities are being enforced with a fine of at least $350. We ask you to please do NOT park in spots marked with the wheelchair symbol and do not block curb cuts in front of schools, malls, buildings and especially masjids.

    Please obey all parking laws including fire routes. These laws are in place to protect all of our safety and security.

    Jazak-Allah/God bless for not restricting access for people with disabilities who have NO CHOICE but to park in the designated spot and have NO CHOICE but to use the curb cut to get in or out of facilities.

    Wassalam-And Peace,

    Your Sisters and Brothers with disabilities

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    After being hounded by my physio I finally gave in a got a permit for my car. My issue is that there are not enough parking spaces. I have to go to the hospital 2x a week and there are only 6 parking spaces for the hospital. I think I have gotten one of them about 3x in the past several months. The malls are worse. There are only 4 spaces every so often. I could go on and on about that. Or how about the doors at Wal Mart that you have to pull open while trying to get yourself and the walker through the door. NUF said. Thanks for letting me vent. The upside is my loud mouth son will tell people off who do park in spots that do not have a permit. One for our side.

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