Accommodations For Workers/Students With CFIDS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MrHappyGoLucky12, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. MrHappyGoLucky12

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    If you have been lucky enough to have been granted some accommodations - in work or in school - because of a letter your physician wrote, would anyone mind sharing what it said, how the doctor worded it, what accommodations were asked for, etc.? I need some accommodations in school. My professor lowers my grade every time I am too fatigued to go to class - even if I do the work on time and maintain a 4.0 GPA (well, it WAS a 4.0!). For example, I went to two classes last Wednesday and was too tired to make it to my third; I had reached my limit for the day. I had a paper due in that class, but I went home and e-mailed it to my professor so that he got it that way. He still lowered my grade and won't tell me the assignment that he assigned that day, which I obviously want to do! My goal is to get a letter to the Office For Students With Disabilities on my campus so that things like this won't happen again, hopefully. Anyone care to share?
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    b/c I told the teachers what was wrong and talked about my whole battle. It just seems some places are a little more likely to help us. I woul talk to your teacher and if that doesn't help have your dr. write a letter. I missed a lot of classes but I still kept my 4.0 average but I know my work was not as good as it use to be. I know it is hard and remember it is only a grade. If they don't make accomodations just knwo you did the best you could. Your grade average doesn't even matter in the "real" world! Be happy that you are still well enough to learn:)
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    I have gotten accomodations at the university for another illness I had (not CFIDS) and it helped a lot. I'm not in school anymore because I just couldn't keep up anymore ... but I did have good support at the univeristy!

    At my former school, you just need a therapist/doctor/whomever to write a note detailing how your illness effects your ability to be at school/attend class etc. That is all the verification needed at my school. Then I filled out paperwork with the office that listed what I specifically needed help with (such as excusing absences when I was too sick to attend and accepting late work like you mentioned) and they printed up a letter to give to my professors that says I have a registered "disabilty" with the school that may affect my participation in class and then lists the accomodations I need. The professors cannot refuse to accept it, because it is authorized by the administration.

    It can help a lot to have support resources like that. Let me know if you want more info about my experiences etc. GOOD LUCK!
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    and our doctor's letter had to be very specific. In fact, the first one our doctor wrote wasn't good enough...we had to ask him to do it over! But he was nice about it, when he realized our son's future was on the line! He mentioned all of the components of CFIDS- brain fog and how it affects your comprehension, fatigue, and other diagnoses he came up with. He put in a lot of medical detail and treatment plans for our son. This won't excuse him from missing class, but so far, with prayer and the fact that he's started Cortef, he hasn't missed any school since January 3rd. His grades aren't nearly as good as yours, but he's trying. He is entitled to a tutor for each of his classes, and a notetaker if he has to miss a class. I hope this helps with your professor somewhat!

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