According to this study..35% of us are FAKING IT

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    Malingering actually means faking illness for secondary gain.....This study blows my mind.....Lazy people are NOT going to pick an illness nobody believes in to get on disability...they're a lot smarter than that. But at any's no wonder we have difficlty getting disability with studies like this......

    Center for Psychological Studies, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314,

    Base rates of probable malingering and symptom exaggeration are reported from a survey of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology membership.

    Estimates were based on 33,531 annual cases involved in personal injury, (n = 6,371). disability (n = 3,688), criminal (n = 1,341), or medical (n = 22,131) matters.

    Base rates did not differ among geographic regions or practice settings, but were related to the proportion of plaintiff versus defense referrals. Reported rates would be 2-4% higher if variance due to referral source was controlled.

    Twenty-nine percent of personal injury, 30% of disability, 19% of criminal, and 8% of medical cases involved probable malingering and symptom exaggeration.

    Thirty-nine percent of mild head injury, 35% of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, 31% of chronic pain, 27% of neurotoxic, and 22% of electrical injury claims resulted in diagnostic impressions of probable malingering.

    Diagnosis was supported by multiple sources of evidence, including severity (65% of cases) or pattern (64% of cases) of cognitive impairment that was inconsistent with the condition, scores below empirical cutoffs on forced choice tests (57% of cases), discrepancies among records, self-report, and observed behavior (56%), implausible self-reported symptoms in interview (46%), implausible changes in test scores across repeated examinations (45%), and validity scales on objective personality tests (38% of cases)
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    That's the stupidest thing I ever heard! I have seen a few cases of malingering on TV, where they have people who claim to have back injuries, and then when they think nobody is looking, they go out water-skiing or whatever. These people have been caught by hidden camera. Just because there are a few people like that, it gives everyone a bad name. I really resent that.

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    Wow, no wonder we get flack with studies like this. I can see that the personal injury is the majority of cases and I can guess why...because of the increase of auto accident scams. They are the ones who fake it and ruin it for all of us who really do have it. I makes me sick!!

    All we can do is hope that things will change with the all the new stuff coming out with ways to prove you have FM and/or CFS.

    Maybe we should add them to our list of people to send our list of bios to.

    Blessings to all.
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    isn't that just a BIG Bowl of BUNK! Thanks for sharing this, Dojomo.

    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances

    yeah, yeah, this report IS a grievance! I'll replace it soon, with a miracle, but for now, I want to ENJOY MY ANGER!graaaahrrrg[This Message was Edited on 04/18/2003]
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    I read your post and I thought my God why would anyone fake this? I don't know about you but I don't have alot of money to go from doctor to doctor, and what I have spent in medical bills has blown me away! These so called fakers are spoiling it for the rest of us who suffer daily with pain! I myself haven't put in a full day at work this week because I am having a bad flair up. I am in search of a new rhuemy who knows more about FM and can help me with my pain. These people who fake this disease should live in our bodies just one day to find out what there missing! LOL!

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    Yea, right, I'm faking it. Just for the attention......NOT! I'm uncomfortable even telling people I have FM simply because of the stigma that has been attached to this diagnosis, and the number of unbelievers, including the medical profession.

    I find this infuriating. I can't imagine anyone faking this - I see nothing to be gained from it. I would gladly take my life-before-fibro back if I could, just think of all the things I could accomplish and the money I could save!

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    I believe I'd choose an injury/illness that didn't cause so much social stigma or one that people actually "believe is real."
    I have not worked since November and I LOVE my job. I make no money and we could definitely use the money I've spent on doctors and meds and supplements.
    It isn't attractive to have this affliction. Because of the meds., depression and decreased exercise, I've gained weight....not a pretty picture. I wear less make-up because I perspire so much with my body temp fluctuations. I have found a lower maintenance hairstyle because it hurts to raise my arms up to curl/style my hair. I wear less fashionable clothes because waistbands and tighter clothing causes pain and inflammation. My feet hurt and swell, so cute little heels and attractive shoes are out. I have to take steroids often, so my face is red and very puffy. I can't wear my rings because my hands swell so severely. My wrists are so puffy, I can't wear a watch or bracelets. I can't stand to be on my feet long enough to cook a full meal for my husband and clean the kitchen, afterwards. I can't stand to wear sexy little nighties (for my husband) because the straps, etc. HURT my skin. See? There would be better illnesses to have......
    A malingerer I am NOT and I hate that there are those out there who are making it harder for us to live with, and be treated for, this Damnable Disease.
    Ooooohhhhhh, this makes me sick.
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    I'd like to know how they know-(or think they know)-.They probably paid someone a million dollars to do that study.I'm sorry but I'm too tired to fake it.LOL I wish for them one week of feeling like we feel,then we'll see what they think. LOLOL bejo
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    I always wonder if people, just society in general realizes how difficult it is to get on SSD or even just plain Medicaid, or how little you get. Being chronically ill is a job, and has zero benefits except a bit more time on your hands and you can do it in pajamas if you really want. I can't imagine faking it, but then again, I grew up knowing I'd be a career woman, never marry, have zero kids, and work my life away. I was content with that idea, because I like to work. If 35 percent of us are faking it, those 35
    are the biggest idiots ever, and probably can't even turn on a pc, much less use one.

    On that note: watch me type and imply in this way, that if such a ridiculous statistic were true, I'm not part of it. I'd give a lot to have my life back, even if I had to work a dead end crappy job the rest of my life. This is hell, and I only wish it on rapists and killers, no person I talk to, no matter how much I dislike them.

    Sorry if I've gone overboard and am coming off too 'passionate' and even vulgar about this.
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  10. kar1953

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    After reading the post titled Fibromyalgia I would be inclined to say that Honest52 probably had something to do with this study!!

  11. kerrymygirl

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    Most of us love living 1 step away from being on the streets, especially when you had a life of good pay you finally worked so hard to get there. Give up your sports,lose friends,family,feel every a.m. like you have been out all night having a good time without the good time. The looks 1 gets when you do try to explain this dd. Your right I would have made up a much better acceptable illness. For us who live alone you groan,fall,trip,go from recliner to coach, who see`s who cares? So you certainly are not getting any empathy since know one is there to care. Any extra cash spent on trying to find a cure or better way of life instead of going to the Club Med. I could go on but this is a learning lesson for some of you who believe studies. I have been in them & ran them people get $$ for them and can make them slant whatever way they want study to go. Seen it tooooo many times. Even by so called reputable hosp. and doc`s. They should do a % study on the truth about studies themselves.
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    Anyone who knows anything about statistical analyses knows that numbers can be interpreted/extrapolated to reflect the desired results. It's too bad that this so-called "study" even got published. Maybe some of the funds targeted for CFS/FM research will rise to the challenge and debunk it...
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    This is what is known to me as Doctors under studied and not knowing what to do, so it doesn't exist! Hopefully as the new Doctors are taught we will have a better future. I have been told by docs that "I will just have to learn to live with it" when they didn't even know what they were telling me to learn to live with! I know many of you have heard to same things, such as " It's all in your head"... It can be so very depressing when you are in so much pain and you are just looking for answers so you CAN learn to live with it. I have walked out of the offices crying more than once. I get my hopes built up before the visit only to been seen for a couple of minuets and told I can't help you, and good luck. It took me over 5 years to get SSI and I only get $460 a month! Who would fake an illness to be so broke and have your dreams go up in smoke? I can't do anything I love so much. I have had to learn new things and they just don't cut it yet. I am trying so hard to learn to live with it. Something someone faking it would never have to do. This study seems to be by a bunch of pompas a--'- who can't say, "We don't know what this is, so let's try and find out what we can learn about it and help these people"?! I became so depressed that I literally gave up and gained over 100 pounds, but have lost about 50 of it and am still trying. I have been it treatment for depression and have seen many, many Doctors. It seems someone faking it would not keep seeking an answer wouldnt it? Maybe they should study how many of these people, after getting disability stop going to the Docs. I have been seeking an answer for many years, about 11. I was diagnoised, but it was like she was telling me I only had pms or something. {Not to undergrade those of you that have severe pms because my daughter has it and I know how terribly she suffers 3 out of 4 weeks]. I was just given some pain meds and given another Mri, cat scan, x-ray...but there was never any information given on the topic or any treatment suggested. I was like "fibro what"? Know here it is years later and I find you lovely people who know exactly what I am going through and it is so wonderful to know I am not crazy and the knowledge it enlightening. The docs should visit sites like these to learn more.
  14. lucky

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    It looks to me that these studies were done for the Insurance Industry to give them food for thought and make rules even tougher for insurance claims.
    It is the most negative paper I have read so far and do not usually bother to read them.
    Take care, Lucky

    P.S. It sounds to me that honest52 has something to do with it.[This Message was Edited on 04/20/2003]
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    ........are being flooded with claims filed by people suffering like us. But instead of identifying a potential EPIDEMIC...... They are trying to find ways of avoiding the contracts.....

    Companies employ a number of methods to look for ways to avoid paying claims, including:

    • Using surveillance on claimants to look for evidence against the disability claim, which in rare cases involves questioning friends and neighbors, invading a claimant's privacy.

    • Requesting repeated independent medical examinations.

    • Using medical consultants who are not expert in the medical condition in question and who are therefore not qualified to determine the extent of the claimed disability.

    • Denying claims without an independent medical examination.

    • Prolonging denial of a claim to produce protracted and expensive litigation for a claimant

    • Refusing to recognize certain diseases as disabling, such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and various mental/nervous disorders.

    Other commonly encountered claim denial rationales may or may not be legitimate, but still pose problems for a claimant, says Philadelphia attorney R. Michael Kemler, Esq.:

    • Inadequate medical documentation by a claimant's attending physician.

    • Paying for residual (partial) disability on a claim for total disability.

    • Denying benefits by alleging that a claimant was not under the regular care of an attending physician.

    • Excluding coverage because of a pre-existing condition prior to the policy.

    • Alleging that the claimant made a misstatement on the initial policy application that affected underwriting, thus voiding the policy.

    • Alleging that a premium payment was late, causing the policy to lapse

    I do beieve that we are finally hitting society "where it counts" in the pocket.....this may be the EYE OPENER....Eventually we are going to be TOO costly to ignore.

    And yes....hiring someone like Honest52 is one way they are trying to get out o paying benefits.

    We HAVE gotten the attention of the insurance companies..and lawyers are on our side winning cases..and sooner or later the government is going to have to look at all the SSD claims.........We are getting to BIG to ignore !!!!!!!!!..........DJ
  16. jstbrznby

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    Not much I can add after all that has been said here, but I just couldn't read this and keep my mouth shut!!!!
    WE are not going to be a silent bunch of lepers that the insurance companies and the Govt. can just send to an island and forget about, and just like you all sais..I have too, have just been basking in this wonderful life of Bonbon's, vacations in the Bahamas, and living MY DREAMS on $460.00 a month!!!! OH YES, this is defenitly something we have all dreamed up!

    This must mean someone out there is getting little paranoid that when this kind of debilitating sickness really gets out of the closet there will be hell to pay. Insurance companies are most certainly looking forward to that!!

    And one more thing that makes me crazy about these insurance companies and their cameras...where are they at when we cant get out of bed to fix our kids dinner, or take them to school, or do any of the things that normal people can do everyday! They might get something on film that someone did 1 day but I am sure they don't have pictures of where they spent the following hours and days nor do they have films of their livers and insides that are suffering from all the medications any of may take so that we can rise to ocassion of these 'Kodak Moments'!!!!!!!

    Anyway, my blood is running for the day, thanks for this enlightning bit of news......never ceaeses to amaze me the ignorance out there..HUGS to you all......Pam2
  17. kerrymygirl

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    This is what we are still dealing with after all these yrs.
  18. rigby

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    I'll take their health and they can have mine I would gladly trade rigby
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    Having read that just infuriates me!! I made my best possible effort to work for 4 years with this DD. After a leave of absence in 96 I tried to work my way back up to 40 hours a week gradually but found it impossible. In order to maintain benefits for my family I was forced to work 30 hours a week. Eventually, I had to go on two more sick leaves because of this DD. I didn't want to give in to this illness but finally realized that I had no choice. I still try to do more than I should and sometimes end up in bed for days because of it. Malingering!! That is just a bunch of baloney!!