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  1. jkd7058

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    I just had to share this. I went to my chiropractor last night for my monthly "tune-up". I was in extreme pain. She'd never seen me so bad. She suggested accupuncture before my adjustment - thought it would relax me enough to tolerate the adjustment. I had needles from my toes to the tip of my head (literally) (even one between my eyes and some in my ears). After laying still for 20 minutes I was in such terrible pain. She gave me a slight adjustment - I told her I didn't think I could stand too much.

    By the time I drove home (about 10 minutes) I was feeling better. By the time I sat down for dinner (SO has been cooking because he knew I'd been in such pain for the past few months) I was feeling even better. When I sat donw in the living room to read -- I couldn't believe it. It didn't hurt to hold the book. It didn't hurt to lift my glass of water. If I sat real still - NOTHING hurt!

    I actually sat there and cried. Tears of joy!

    I went to bed early hoping the effect wouldn't ware off too fast and I'd be able to get a good night sleep. I did need my heating pack on my neck 'cuz it was starting to stiffen up but I didn't need them on my knees or feet.

    I got a great nights sleep (for one of us sufferers) A straight SEVEN hours without waking up. Waking up, I felt better than I have in god knows how long.

    I'm at work now and my neck and shoulders are really starting to hurt but everything else is still much better. (Not as great as last night but better)

    I just had to let you know the wonderful relief I got. What works for one of us might work for another.
  2. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I'm going to a Chinese guy today for acupuncture and hopefully pain relieving herbs.

    Glad you got some relief.

  3. amberortiz

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    I have been considering acupunture and now I think I will try it. Any bit if relief is worth it.
  4. Carmellaf

    Carmellaf New Member

    I have been wanting to try this also.
    Thanks for letting us know how it helped you.
  5. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    I've been wondering about trying this myself. Did your chirpractor do the accupuncture herself or does she have someone on staff who does it?
    I'm so happy that you got relief from your awful pain.
    Keep us posted on how this progresses for you.
  6. mitch123

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    I get so much relief from accupuncture, my experience is that my CFS slowly improves (all symptoms) Keep at it and good luck!
  7. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I was so excited about how confident the Chinese doc seemed to be about helping me that I was practically giddy and forgot that this might hurt a bit.

    So, came as rather a rude shock when it really hurt!

    I have had acupuncture before and was no big deal, but with my muscles so tense and the needles going right into trigger point areas, yowsa!

    but, it helped some with my pain [after] and definitely improved my mobility a bit.

    Then, I ended up ruining some of the help I got by having to carry a big bag of expensive and bizarre Chinese herbs home along with the CLAY POT they have to be boiled in [i don't have my own large clay pot nor a glass pot] along with the one bag I was already carrying AND hold my umbrella while it poured buckets onto me for trip home on 2 buses.

    Tomorrow I start with the Chinese herbs. Takes more than 2 hours to prepare the tea...just great....hope I can keep up with this.

    i also want to research all the chinese herbs first. That's me, I gotta know what goes into my body, I don't just trust.

    Jen on a Chinese Medicine kick.
  8. healing

    healing New Member

    I get acupuncture all the time and it really helps me -- and it really (sometimes really, really) hurts when I'm already hurting.

    Jen, I'd be interested in knowing what the Chinese doc gave you. I take Chinese herbs, too -- but in pill form. I know purists believe in teas but have been so grateful not to have to fiddle with it that I haven't pursued it. I think the herbs are helping my immune system, but I don't take them for pain.
  9. jkd7058

    jkd7058 New Member

    My chiropractor did it herself. She is a master accupuncturist. I don't know what took me so long to try this. I had had unbelievable results years ago with another chiropractor who did accupuncture on my knee. It had been hurting really bad about every three months or so for over ten years (due to an auto accident). It only took two 20 minute sessions to complete "cure" my knee. NEVER have had pain in it since.

    Just a little update here: I AM STILL feeling good tonight. Just a little pain in neck and shoulder from work today but even that is going away A LOT faster than most days. I think I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and see what she recommends on having another treatment. Soon or wait?
  10. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I don't know if I can continue with this is so awful and time consuming for preparation.

    here are the ingredients [note - might be some spelling mistakes]:

    1. Glycyrrhizzae (licorice)– helps to relive pain and spasm
    2. Radix Astragali seu Hedysari [huang qi (jin)]
    3. Radix Codonopsis pilosulae [dang shen]
    4. fructus ziziphi jujubae [da zao] (fruit of the Chinese date palm)
    5. Fructus Aurantii (bitter orange) [Zhiziao]
    6. Rhizoma Seu Radix notopterygii [Qianghou] – can relieve pain
    7. Radix Angelicae Pubescents [Du huo}
    8. Radix Bupleuri [Chai hu]
    9. Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae [bai zhu]
    10. Radix Angelicae Sinensis [dang gui (shen)] – purportedly promotes blood circulation, relieves pain, moistens bowels
    11. Pericarpium Citri reticulate [chenpi] (dried tangerine peel)
    12. Radix Puerariae [ge gen]
    13. Radix Ledebouriellae [fang feng] – helps to relieve pain and spasm
    14. Rhizoma Cimicifugae [shen ma]
    15. ??? vine?
    16. ? (chicken blood vine??? - all oriental characters)