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  1. tweeti1229

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    have any of you with fm tried this? please tell me it doc and i are at a lost at this point.... none of the meds we have tried so far are helping me much at all....i have had pain for so long i am at the point i will try most anything that might help.....thank you all in advance....
  2. Anita B.

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    Sorry, tweeeti - I have had many, many acupuncture treatments by about 8 different licensed acupuncturists. I went to each of them anywhere from 8 to 100 times. Every few years I would try again with a different practicioner on the theory that acupuncture may be as much an art as a science. But not one of the acupuncturists was able to help me. Nevertheless, several people have posted that they found acupuncture helpful, so it might be worthwhile for you to try it. I find deep muscle massage much more helpful than acupuncture, although even the relief from the massage seldom lasts beyond a day. I would get a professional massage every day if I could afford it.
    If you do try the acupuncture, I sincerely hope that it helps you!
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    I heard somewhere, from a therapist, that acupressure works much better for her patients than acupuncture. You might give a try. Hope you get some help.
  4. Pluto

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    Sorry Tweeti, I've had hundreds of needles too, but no noticable difference, so have given that up. The massage does help when I get very stiffened up.
    But the physio I was sent to was great at listening and taught me to pace, breath, relax and drink more water!
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    a couple stages in the last several years. I think the first time was very helpful mostly for the CFIDS. Not the FMS. But, hey everything is worth a try.
    What was more helpful in terms of body work for me was myofacial release. The woman I went to was trained to do this. And taught me how to do it on myself. When she does it to others, she actually uses her elbow and leans into a muscle that is tight and it releases it. Basically on all the trigger points, you can put this pressure and it helps alot.
    Also reiki has been helpful to me. Relaxes my muscles. Get one session several weeks in a row.
    And massage, and aqua therapy are all helpful.
    Good luck.

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    Hi Tweeti

    I tried traditional needle acupuncture for 15 weeks with not much luck. My GP is trained in laser acupuncture and I've found that has been much more effective in undoing stringey fibrous tissue.In fact it was the only that stopped my body tightening up so much that I couldn't breathe properly.

    I've bought a home laser pen unit so I can do it at home. It definitely makes my muscles softer but I have to do it regularly or they start to tighten up again.

    hope this helps
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    i appreciate all of your feedbacks on my question. i will let you all know how it does or doesn't work for me...again thanks again