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  1. lea

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    I would welcome people's comments about accupunture. If you've gotten benefits, are they long lasting?
    any info. is appreciated
    thanks in advance
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    She felt much better but I don't know if it lasted. I don't think she went back for the maintenance, that would probably help. I have wanted to try it, but can't afford both accupuncture and massage. I don't want to give up my massage yet. Glad to hear that it is beneficial to you.
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    I started accupunc. a couple of weeks ago and have noticed a tiny bit of improvement. I see the improvement mostly during the hours immediately following the treatment. Sort of feels like a good/ energetic current running through my body. Since I am new to it I am unsure as to long term improvements. My doc tells if takes time to get the most out of it. I am keeping up with it and am looking to herbal treatments next. My acupuncturist believes my problems involve the liver--it is not cleansing my blood properly and getting rid of the problems.
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    I am presently having regular accupunture and it certainly gives me relief. For various reasons I had not been for about 5 weeks and went last week when I was having a lot of pain and muscle spasms in the legs. A raging battle went on with bursts of pain and then I broke out in a sweat before everything settled down again.I am going again in two days time and will then go fortnightly for a while. I also see a physio each week, mainly for my bad neck and her husband passed away with some disease which affected his muscles and gave him a lot of pain. She tells me accupuncture gave him a great deal of pain relief. Hope this helps. Love Ozgran.
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    I have been receiving acupuncture for about 10 years and it helps me tremendously. It also can hurt a great deal because they stick those needles in trigger points that are already hurting. However, the benefits outweigh the pain -- or I wouldn't have been going back for more all these years.

    I'd say the benefits last from days up to several months, depending on what's being treated. I don't think acupuncture cures anything, just relieves it.
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    I know 2 people who completely cured their carpel tunnel problems. One had surgery scheduled when someone told her about it and she thought she had nothing to loose by going. I met her years after and she said she never had the surgery and only went back for treatments every now and then after the initial treatment course. The second person had been told her only answer was surgery. They both had occupations that used their wrists a lot. My pain is pretty much managed by magnesium and stretching but I have had treatments before getting sick and it never hurt but felt good and had a calming effect.
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    I have had huge success with acupuncture.
    It has taken along time, the improvement is slow. I have been going to acupuncture for over 6 months.
    I started acupuncture when my CFS was so bad I could hardly get out of bed, lots of pain, light sensitivity etc...

    Now I walk an hour a day and am about to look for part time work. I get better and better every week!
    If I overdo it and my CFS flares up I go straight away for a session and I'm over the flare straight after the acupuncture session.
    It has been a blessing for me, full recovery overtime looks like a possiblity.
    The best thing to do is research, ask if the acupuncturist has treated other clients with CFS successfully.
    My acupuncturist has many recovered CFS people up her sleeve that no longer need acupuncture, and others that need a maintence session once a week.
    I would be in terrible pain and so so sick with out it, from that point of view it is a small investment to be well.
    Take care
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    Hi Lea~~I am 54 have had FM/CFS since my teens, was born with severe asthma/allergies & IBS, have osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and advanced degenerative disc disease {ddd} with cluster nerve damage and other multiple back problems.

    When the ddd hit, I became totally non-functional and was in tremendous pain. I tried various traditional remedies, but none helped. In absolute desperation (because I am phobic of needles), I took a month's leave of absence from work and went to an Acupuncture Clinic in Oklahoma City that is renound for its rate of success plus treating celebrities. I had electro-acpuncture every other day for a month and was put on high quality Chinese herbs that were designed for my specific problems.

    I didn't even know when they put the needles in. I felt no pain whatsoever. The needles were hooked up to a little black box that sent an electrical current down through the needles into the trigger point. The sessions were 15 minutes. I was in real bad shape when I got there, but I woke up the morning of the 3rd week and could not believe the results. I felt terrific. The unbearable pain was gone, the stiffness & soreness had vanished, and I was mobile, flexible, and could do things. The herbs made me feel good, happy, positive frame of mind, and made my skin feel like soft velvet. It improved all my ailments including the rheumatoid arthritis dramatically. By the 4th week I was jumping rope with my little niece.

    Unfortunately, I had to return back to Montana, and there aren't any acupuncturists in the isolated area I live in. So, after a month I went back downhill.

    However, I KNOW that had I been able to continue there with my AC treatments and then go on maintenance treatments--I be 100% recovered and wouldn't need all these drugs.

    It was AMAZING! And the Chinese herbs they gave me worked wonders on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I felt like a new woman.

    There was a woman in the stall next to me who had "terminal cancer", and the doctors had told her there was nothing more they could do for her and sent her home to die. Her husband read about this AC Center and took her there. I asked her how she was doing. She said , "Well, I was sent home from the hospital with a month to live--that was two years ago, so I think I'm doing fine". She was on her way to place tennis after her AC session.

    If I could get AC here--I'd do it in a heartbeat. It is worth every penny. I pay $600 a month for all my medicines, and I see little progress. That $600 would buy me alot of AC sessions if I could get them here, and I know I'd be out riding my bike right now instead of being bedridden after working this week.

    It doesn't matter if you believe in it or not--it just works. Just be sure that your acupuncturists is fully licensed, knowledgeable about herbs, and if he does the electro-acupuncture for some don't.

    Check around--word of mouth is always the best recommendation for any service--people who have actually been to that particular place and have had good experiences with it.

    Go for it! But be sure to give it adequate time to work.

    Best Wishes, Carol...