accutain could it cause fm/cfs?

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    accutain for acne for over 8 months wonder could of this started all this livin hell? input please. GOD BLESS -BLKKAT
    P.S also had hysterectomy before i got very ill.[This Message was Edited on 02/06/2007]
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    I think the combination of the anesthesia from surgery and the accutain could have done it. I was overexposed to formaldehyde in the late 80's and develop a sensitivity to things containing the chemical. I had a hysterectomy in 2000, I think thats when my syptoms started. The next year I got poison sumac and was on steriods for 21 days followed by poisoning myself while staining my deck in the hot sun. I think all the exposure accumulates, sensitizes or wears down the immune system. It is difficult for me to shopping. I just realized it because of all the chemicals in new products, I always thought I just hated shopping--I still use this excuse along with arthritis; people seem to understand that better than FM.


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    thankyou for your post. it seems at least for me when i need input, its slow to come my way or not at all. maybe i dont word things right. to the shopping thing i get what your talking about,the smells just kill me. oh what you said also made us (hubby) and i feel its this house, we moved into this NEW HOUSE in 2001, 2003-had a hyster. 2003 startd accutain, 2004 got this non-stop 10+pain,ive never been OUT of a FLARE, i feel like i have the flu 24/7. and just getting on this is a killer. GOD BLESS -BLKKAT
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    What is Accurtain?

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    hi sorry. its very strong acne meds. for people who get real bad boils ect, large oily pores. almost 5 years now and not one boil,well at least not on my face. & helped shrink MY scares on my nose. but did i pay a price for no acne??? maybe!!!! BLKKAT P.S w/out ins. 400.00 plus appt. each ins. paid for it. P.S again you have to do preg. tests ,and can not get preg.!!!!BAD SIDE EFFECTS . i took it cause i had a hyster.
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    and had a hysterectomy. She came down with FM a few years later. She also has Sjoegrens and a bunch of other health problems.

    I have never taken Acutane myself but was on low dose ABX for 10 yrs for acne and think it may have contributed to a chronic candida problem that eventually made me sick with CFS/FM.