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    I saw your post in the personal question thread and just wanted to let you know that hubby is not being mean when he says it is the polock in me…I can see where if someone eles heard him say it that they could take as degrading but for us it is just a little inside joke. (I am not at all close with my dad for various reasons, however I am very proud of my heritage. My dad is known to take it too the extream in my opinion…while I may go a few days or so he may go months. Who ever mentioned the pharmones and such I think is right…but arm pit sour smell is not attractive..imo) The examples you noted on hygiene habits are very interesting! As a nurse the washing of hands and wearing of clean crisp uniforms has been pounded into my head…while I agree…only to a point. I also feel like we try to be too clean which in turn prevents us from coming into contact with the “small” things that could help immunize us from some of the bigger things. The use of anitmicrobial soaps are part of the reason we have bacteria/virus that are now so resistant to treatment.
    Well I just wanted to make sure you knew it was not a bad thing when hubby does it…my brother and I are just so much alike and a good bit like our dad even though we did not grow up with him…my brother is also a long distance truck driver and he will often go many days without showering…it is just a friendly joke between us.

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