acetaminophen & ibuprofen may cause high blood pressure

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    Researchers reported in the journal Hypertension (sept 2005) that women who regularly rely on more than 500 mg. of acetaminophen daily almost doubled their risk of developing high blood pressure. Although aspirin was not implicated, other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen were associated with higher blood pressure in this study.

    Men may be less susceptible, however, A large study of male doctors found no connection between pain-reliever use and high blood pressure.

    (I was wondering why my blood pressure seemed to be higher than it has been in the past.)
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    Houston Chronicle Lifestyle section this morning. i have been taking Darvocet daily for my pain. Now I will have to reconsider this pain med. I also take Skelaxin, I may have to just use this one. I can't take advil because of digestive disorders. Does anyone know of any good pain meds that don't contain ibuprofen or acetimenophen?

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    I've had low blood pressure since I got sick, if it comes up to low normal then I'm doing well, like 90/60. But there are other long term considerations to all meds, but esp. those ones.

    We know what ibuprofen can do to the gut, but it was the only thing that brought down abdominal swelling after a bad IBS flare. Then I discovered that enzymes work better and are helping w/ candida too by cleaning up cellular and lymphatic debri, and enzymes work gangbusters on inflammation, there have been valid studies to back that they work much better than NSAIDS.

    Doctors don't seem to tell us that we don't have to be taking acetaminaphen w/ narcotics, but I take codeine phosphate as my main painkiller. I still take acetam., but have reduced it to a few times a week and cut the dose I'll use in half. The limit to spare our livers is 1,000 mgs per 4 hr dose, but I take about 300 mg now. It was doing a number on my kidneys. Since I've drastically reduced and cut out some painkillers, I don't go pee every half an hour all the time.

    The other thing we need to watch out for is deterioration of our teeth and bones from long term meds. I've had a few teeth chip and lost one molar even though I take care of them. So I supplement heavy and strive for at least one painkiller free day per week. I try not to be all or nothing too, I feel I'm still giving my body a big break if I only take one dose in a day.

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    I have a very sensitive system and don't tolerate meds very well at all.. my Fibro is from my HLA-B 27 Genetic gene. most of my pain is in my upper body... because of my gene I just had a complete stress/echo test done, because I didn't know for sure where my pain was coming from... Thank the Lord my test was normal, and I was able to walk 10 minutes on the treadmill.

    What works for me is taking Children's LIQUID Ibuprofen its only 100 mgs, and you can take as little or as much as you want.. I usually start out with 50 mgs and go from there.. It comes in great flavors.. Grape, Bubble gum, citrus...

    hope this helps someone.

    God Bless