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    Hi Elisabeth, I do believe my stomach pain has finally completely resolved, although I am sure it was not actually my stomach, or at least not indigestion type pain. I've eaten Indian food and HOT Japones about 5 times since this odd pain started, and it never worsened it.

    I think I'll start back up tomorrow with the Acetyl-Glutathione. Wishing myself luck.

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    This paper suggests esterized glutathione may work better than GSH. So maybe acetyl glutathione, which is a simple glutathione-ester is better absorbed and therefore has higher ROS control. Its a very technical animal study but nonetheless it is pointing in the right direction.
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    We use sublingual GSH and here a re some recent measures we have taken from patients.

    Serum GSH levels in 12 people with ME/CFS averaged 0.41 mmol/L. This is an abnormally low level.
    After sublingual 100mg dose of glutathione (+riboflavin) the GSH levels were:

    3 Hours: 0.63 mmol/L
    6 Hours: 0.69 mmol/L
    24 Hours: 0.64 mmol/L

    In addition the malondialdehyde levels were:

    pre dose: 1.61 micromol/L (quite high)
    6 HOurs: 1.51 micromol/L
    24 Hours: 1.30 micromol/L

    Malondiadehyde levels are taken as a general measure of oxidative stress and toxin clearance. From these results you can see that people with ME/CFS have high levels of malondialdehyde (probably because of the GSH depletion) but that dosage with sublingual GSH reduces the levels. This means the GSH is having an effect, surprisingly quickly.

    Therefore, we regard sublingual GSH as effective in people with ME/CFS.

    GSH in ME/CFS whatever form you take will produce no change in energy levels but does seem to help people with FM who are affected by chemical exposure where those chemicals (pesticides and petrochemicals) increase their pain. Similarly those with MCS can be helped IF they can tolerate it.

    It is also important to remember that serum levels are only a proxy measure as GSH is effective only intracellulary and mainly in mitochondria.

    When taken with NAC and vitamin D it is more effective. (Because vitamin D raises GSH levels by protecting it from degradation).

    Instead of arguing about which form is most effective just take what you can afford but avoid swallowing doses.
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    Source Naturals makes a sublingual form of GSH called Chem Defense, which has 50 mg. reduced glutathione, 120 mcg. of molybdenum and 1.6 mg. of riboflavin. I first tried taking this several years ago and could not tolerate it, made me detox too much. But I'm taking it now with no problem - something's working better! It's cheap too, $11 or $12 a bottle for 90 tabs.

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    I have finally come to the acceptance that I have CFS. I was first diagnosed in 2006. I have had all tests run and they come out normal. I can not exert myself through exercise or for that matter even cleaning my house, or I will regret it sometimes for days and days. I have been bedridden with CFS. Has anyone tried the NAC only? There is a study out by Cornell and they are having test subjects go to New York and try out a supplement. I have turned in my paperwork to go and I live in Kansas City. Has anyone else tried any testing or this test? I figured for the cost of all the supplements I might as well fly there. My main complaint is fatigue, not the pain or other symptoms that can occur with CFS.

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    I have used NAC as a part of the Martin Pall protocol. I didn't find that it made any difference to my fatigue. Like you, my main complaint is also the fatigue. That is 90% of my symptoms - fatigue/post-exertional malaise.
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    I have not heard of the Martin Pall protocol. Did it help?
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    For me, no, it didn't. However, I have met some people via the internet that found that for them it did reduce some of their symptoms. It also works well for people with MCS.
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    Have you tried the mitochondrial dysfunction treatment? If PEM and general exhaustion is the problem then this is the best protocol. NAC will not help your energy levels, nor will glutathione.
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    Acetyl-glutathione is a great supplement if you have detoxification issues. Please take the time and review this video on the comprehensive strategies now being utilized to treating chronic infectious disease we see today.

    Why Can't I Get Better? The Lyme MSDIS Map in Chronic Disease HD 1 (Must See Video) Glutathione information...

    "It's the immune response that creates the symptoms"
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    Glutathione IVs have been life changing for me. They have improved my sleep and tolerance to supplements that help with dopamine, mitochondrial function, and methylation. Before the IVs, I could take only small doses of those supplements because they would cause insomnia.
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