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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nomopain, May 27, 2003.

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    I am a new subscriber to this group. I started having pain and flu-like body aches at the same time I started menopause and it has been with me since for 5 years now. My first flareup was extreme pain in my right shoulder that was so painful I could not even raise my arm above shoulder height. This lasted for several months. Throughout the past 5 years the tenderspots have shifted from one area to another, very strange. I am now finding it hard to get normal housework done like I used to and having to deal with a foggy brain at work. I am just glad I found these posts to know I am not alone.
  2. AnnG

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    Welcome! I think you will find this board better than any Dr. visit, any book, any research,...... You can ask any question and someone will know the answer!
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    i hope you'll make alot of new friends here.i know you'll find great info,because i have!i'm going to a chirpractor now who is using a tens unit on my tender points. so far it really seems to be might try warm(as warm as you can take) baths with 3 cups epson salt and 3 cups helps to detox your body.i find i have to do it just befor bed because it makes me so sleepy.
    hope this helps you.

    kathy c
  4. bejo

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    Welcome.You're not alone here,we are all in the same boat and paddling upstream.LOL bejo
  5. PatPalmer

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    This boat`s getting very crowded - it`s about time the medical profession sat up and took more notice.

    So sorry to hear how much you are suffering. You are amongst the greatest bunch of people on this planet and you will be learning so much. I have in the short time i`ve been a member.

    Just one thing - this boards addictive, so should really come with a health warning..... For the eyes!

    Just to let you know, we are not allowed to give URLs (internet site addresses), and a very useful thing is the box at top "Search messages".
    If you want to know about ANYTHING mentioned or if you have a question, tap in the word or words and a whole list will appear of past posts to sift through.
    Punch in your name and all your posts and replies to you by name show too. It`s great, I use this a lot.

    May this be the start of recovery,

    Love Pat.