aches that feel like 'growing pains'...

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  1. AnjieCFSFM

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    One of the things I experience that I can't take anymore is these aches that feel like 'growing pains';dull aches that send me almost over the edge! It's like being in a coffin with no room to move and you're 'clostrophobic'.Please...has anyone felt this,and tell me about your experience! I haven't seen this as a sympton of FM and wonder if I'm the only one who feels these 'aches.'~*Anjie*~ :(
    p.s.-it's not RLS cause it happens in other places,but may be linked to it...?
  2. sascha

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    i had them when i was young, and since advent of CFIDS aching was one of my main symptoms. i don't know if it's the same sort of aching you are experiencing.

    my aches totally disappeared after i started taking coconut oil. they were just gone. i remember so well how any task would be put off and put off, like laundry, because it made me ache all over and feel so miserable. now i find other reasons to put off doing laundry, but aching isn't one of them.

    i hope you will find answer that works for you- best, sascha
  3. Gerry

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    Yes, that's what the Doctor told my Mother 50yrs ago.

    I guess I'm still growing because the leg pains/aches are still with me. Ultram is one of the things that work for me but I'm still trying to find a natural approach.
  4. carebelle

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    alot of us have this .sometimes warm baths help or epsom salts baths

    I also have RLS at night but your right I think the other pain is something different I feel like it is a terrible period my legs hurt so bad
  5. AnjieCFSFM

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    Thank've got a great man! I get the dull aches in my legs and my shoulders and arms...don't think anywhere else. I'm wondering if it's from a 'lactic acid' build up or 'fibroids'(I've got them ALL over my body,now!Yikes!!!.) Might be a severe case of 'candida'...who knows,anymore...with these diseases there's so many other symptoms or actual problems...hard to tell what's going on with my body,anymore...~*Anjie*~
    p.s.-My blood pressure rises when I take Exercise(including walking) is exTREMEly painful because of lower back problems and being overweight(because of it) puts me in a vicious cycle. I'm in a MAJOR rut...(sigh...)
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    check out my post chronic myofacial pain post. it is about this charlene