Achey Brakey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. KathiM

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    Hi Achey Brakey......

    I saw your earlier post and am wondering who your Drs @ Loma Linda are....?????? I would so much appreciate it.
    I just had esophagus surgery there 2 weeks ago but that was through GI dept.
    I live in Palm Desert so travel there anyway.

    Achey.....I also post one the lupus u can find me either place.

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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    Shalom, Shirl
  3. KathiM

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    Achey.....Please see this !!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUMPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. KathiM

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    I have heard of Gunnerson but for some reason I dont think she /is taking any patients/new ???

    I am see Coburn... I was seeing Dr. Finley did u ever see him ??? He left about 2 years ago and went up the road toWestern University College of Osteopaths and is a professor but also does clinic but it is at Arrowhead Regional In Colton......he kept some of us oddball cases on but just saw him last monday and dont know what to do at this point.... Looooooong story.

    Do u have lupus also ???? Or does Coburn just deal with the Fibro ???? I may have to switch back to them @ Loma is also easier.
    Do you have multiple problems also ???
    Sorry if I am being to nosey.....just am tired of this D#&*
    Dr. Merry-go-round.
    Dr Walters the head of Gi.....did my procedure. That is a department I like to stay out of ........lololol..he is good but still...........uugggggghhhhhh.
    Would like to exchange emails w/u ....any ideas????

    Thanks my friend
  5. KathiM

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    bump for achey !!!!