Achey legs NO MORE!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jeramy, May 1, 2010.

  1. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    This is only day one, but I am amazed at a breakthrough from pain and aches in my legs. I was actually able to stand and walk through a museum today! I did bring my cane and lean on it and sit a couple of times, but that was more a matter of habit and being smart about conserving energy for later... but my legs haven't hurt one bit today!
    What breakthrough treatment did I have, you ask? Well, I have a healer friend who came to see me yesterday and he basically "fixed" all my broken parts. Note that I haven't seen him in the 3 years I was diagnosed and have had worsening symptoms. I would have been seeing him, but he had a stroke and wasn't working for a long time. It's a miracle he is back at it, but for those of us lucky enough to be his clients...we are blessed with his healing power. He is also a nutritionist and uses the practice of Reiki in his healing.
    Anyway, besides finding my adrenals completely turned off, which he fixed and I am following up with suppliments and proper nutrition, he also found that my kidney meridian was completely blocked at the pelvis. This is the key to the painful, disfunctional legs. Basically the muscles in my legs were toxic. With the kidney meridian blocked, the muscles were storing all the toxins that needed to be eliminated. He did some yoga squeezes with me, which were painful at first, but eventually felt fine. My legs, which I coudn't hold up or press against his hold at all before... were now strong and able to hold up. (I am following up by doing this yoga block exercise every day, 1st thing in AM and just before bed... I lay on my back, make sure it's flat, bend my knees up, hold the yoga block in between my knees, deep breath...while breathing out squeeze the knees for 7 secs., then relax for 3 secs. repeat 3 times.)

    We'll see how this treatment holds up, but I have hope!
    If you want to try this, seek out someone with knowledge of Reiki...some chiropractors do.
  2. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    What part of the country are you located in?
  3. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Okay, it's day three after I met with a healer and he unblocked my kidney meridian.
    My legs simply do not hurt anymore! I am amazed at what I have been able to do in the past three days...
    I went to a museum and stood and walked through it for 3 hours. I went to church and stood when you are supposed to stand, instead of sitting it out. I went to work out today and instead of a light 20 min workout which would tire me... I went around the circuit twice and felt energized. the muscles in my legs felt warm and responsive and good!
    This is incredible!
    You've got to try this treatment!
  4. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    I am in the SF Bay Area.
    Healer is in Sebastopol, but comes to you...
  5. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    Happy for you Jeramy! :)
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have a good friend over the CFS years who loves reiki.

    I don't think we have that in our rural area.

  7. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    First off...
    You're right... negativity doesn't deserve a response.
    But, when someone hurts me I deserve the right to respond.
    When someone brings you back from the brink of death (4 years ago)... it is not "quakery". In case you didn't read... my adrenals crashed and I was dying and this friend saved me.

    At this time it is because my chiropractor could tell and I could tell in the past two months that my adrenals were low again. (Very tired.) I saw my healer friend because I knew he could tell me what what was going on with my adrenals and help steer my back toward recovery.
    As he was working on me it was only a "bonus" that he discovered my kidney meridian blocked and did some work on me which completely changed my legs muscular responses. (I couldn't lift my leg off the table very high... about 6 inches. After the body work, I could lift it straight up, perpendicular to the rest of my body.
    The point of unblocking the kidney meridian was to help my adrenals.
    The achiness in my legs being gone is an unexpected glorious pleasure!
    And why would anyone be skeptical if they knew anything about anatomy? If you have muscular weakness/ disfunction around your kidneys and they are contricted, then the toxins aren't getting flushed out of your body properly. This is why my legs were circulation of toxins. They were just building up.
    And why would anyone... especially with all the pain and health issues we share begrudge someone who gets relief?! Bitter much?
    I've lived with these achy legs building up and getting worse for the past 3 years. I got to the point where I always used a cane and bought a scooter so I could go to places like the zoo with my kids or wait in long lines at the post office, etc.
    But the past 5 days I have been scooter and cane free and I stood for the first time in a lobby for about five minutes in one place without shifting my weight back and forth or having to sit down.
    I am truly astonished at this change! It will take maintenance though. This is no miracle fix.
    I'll try to keep you posted.
    Thanks again to those who support my relief and joy.
    (To those who don't... look inside.)
  8. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    You are right, Julie. It takes constant maintainence to keep our pain, etc. at bay. I LOVE my chiropractor too!
    Keep up the self -work and thanks for being happy about my news.
    (By the way... Day 6 and my legs are still good! I went shopping at Target today and walked through the whole store in 1/3 of the time it used to take me. AND I didn't have to lean on the cart so hard either.)
  9. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    You might get a better response on the alternative board. I would hate to see this post moved by the moderators.

    goofd luck

  10. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    i have had problems w my adrenals in the past.

    how did your healer know that your adrenals were turned off? exactly how did he "fix" them? by the reiki? what did it feel like? what supps for adrenals did he recommend?

  11. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    oh where art thou o jeramy?
  12. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Sorry Bigmama,
    I've been busy. And yes, that includes, still walking around and standing more on my previously painful legs. I am keeping up with the leg squeezes and it seems to be working.
    As far as adrenals go and how my healer knew they were turned off... I'm sorry I can't really say. BUT I do know that every time he diagnosed something ...adrenal insufficiency, Celiac, Fibromyalgia, thyroid problem...I always went to the "regular" doctor for testing to confirm... and the tests always confirm what my healer told me.
    One thing I want to say is that my friend's healing power goes beyond the Reiki. I know this is going to sound weird to any naysayers... and I am not your typical alternative, "hippie" type.
    I was brought up going to Catholic school and my mother was an OR nurse. Half my family are dyed in the wool Texans!...BUT, these healing powers my friend has work. In fact, my traditional western doctors have been very impressed with the insight he has had and they have encouraged my continuing care with him AND have veryified the results. Just because someone chooses to paractice alternative medicine doesn't mean they haven't had traditional education or know what they are talking about. This is a very old arguement. Look at Chinese medicine. Much older and it works for a lot of people. The thing to remember is that we are all different and have differnet responses to meds, therapy, etc. What works for one person, doesn't always work for another. (Just like diets.)
    Okay... on the adrenal specifics...
    For me it's been a long and ongoing process. I listed in my previous posts the "concoctions" of suppliments I took and the specific adrenal suppliments. I also talked about diet and what kinds of food to avoid and which to add.
    The best referral I can give for the many friends I've had with adrenal burn out is to start with self- education to guide through the medical system. I have a book which my healer friend referred me to and many doctors use as a tool. It should help you... It's called "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome - a detailed self-help book on the health effects of stress and what you can do to help recover"
    Really read this book and answer the questionarre's inside. It will really help you learn how to recover.
    The other thing to know about recovery is that it can take several months to a few years, depending on how messed up they got. AND they can slip again, and require maintenance.
  13. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Sorry Bigmama, I thought I'd posted my adrenal support info in this thread. It was in another thread. Here is what I told someone else recently. Hope it helps...

    "I have adrenal insufficiency and this is what I do/ have done to recover and maintain them.
    I have used Standard Process Drenamin. When I can't get that I use Metagenics Adrenogen. I also start my day with 4 oz. of sea salt water and ingest nothing else for about 30 mins. (It kick starts the adrenals, the way many mislead souls think caffeine will work.) You Need to avoid caffeine and sugar BY ALL MEANS when your adrenals are crashed and in recovery mode. I cut out all processed sugar and even took extreme measures like going off cow's milk because of the high sugar content in the lactose...switch to goat milk. (Better for digestion, too.)
    A very, very important thing to do if you have diagnosed adrenal inufficiency is to take HCL with all your meals AND make sure you have plenty of protein. (You take the HCL, because with weak adrenals, your body doesn't produce what's needed to breakdown proteins. Therefore you don't get energy out of your food.)
    The other important thing is to avoid a lot of potassium. (Hard to resist that juicy watermelon, but just have a couple of bites.) Folks with weak adrenals need to avoid potassium and actually add sodium to their diet.
    The other thing that helps to raise your cortisol levels in a quick way, without drugs...(if the adrenals are low yet responsive, not completely shot like w/ Addison's)... is to eat some plain yogurt with 1000m Vit C capsule and a 500/1000m Cal Mag capsule mixed into the yogurt.
    When my adrenals crashed 4 years ago, they tested me for Addison's. (I almost died.) They found my adrenals barely functioning, yet not completely dead. My endocronologist was a wise and open-minded man. He knew I had this healer/ nutrionist who had told me about having weak adrenals and that he though he could "cure" me. The endo said I should avoid steroids at all costs, if possible. he said to try the natural treatments to see if they worked. They worked.
    My levels stay "normal" now. But I do have to take the suppliments, etc. to maintain them.
    I also avoid stress. (having weak adrenals means I don't respond well in stressful situations, even good ones.)"

    All this info is what worked for me... it's NOT medical advice. Please research and consult your health care providers.
    Good Luck!
  14. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    hi ! thanks for the reply!

    very interesting- about the healer and reiki etc.

    i have Wilsons book on adrenal fatigue- like it alot. i took adrenal glandulars for a year or two. they did help me. had the saliva testing first- it was low all day- high at nite- typical cfs pattern.

    i know the main situation of stress that did my adrenals in- i was a high school teacher at a young age- and had alot of "bad" kids. it felt like going into a war zone every day for a few years. i havent been the same since!

    take care
  15. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Thanks for your support. And I like your screen name, because that is me, too. Very determined. I am a Taurus after all.
    Take care.
    BTW... going onto week number two after my treatment with my healer... my legs feel great!
  16. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Happy for your relief-

    Does your freind do distance reiki/healing by chance?-yes I'm pretty desperate- in late stages of likely neuro lyme with MS/Fibro symptoms plus a whole lot more. I feel like I"m dieing- In agony 7X24-homebound now for 6 months-
  17. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Sorry for the delayed reply...I've been busy with kids birthdays, last weeks of school stuff, etc. etc.
    Exactly what do you mean by my healer doing distance reiki? He does make housecall, but don't know about travelling. Where are you? What are you thinking about? Maybe he can recomend someone in your area.
    I wish you well...
  18. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Legs still working at least 90% better than before. (When they were functionaing at about 20%.) I have a had a little fatigue in the legs since the treatment that freed them from the toxic, painful state they were in. BUT, I think the only reason they got tired that day was because I have been realllly busy and I wasn't doing the twice daily exercise my reiki healer instructed me to do to keep the kidney meridian open. I then had a visit with my chiropractor and she did the same exercise with me and I felt better again. Lesson? Keep up with the routine.
    I also need to keep up with my vits/ supps, etc. I have to take so many I can't take them in one sitting. Too much. So my Fibro brain makes me forget to take the rest or even to take any for the day. What happens? I crash. Been tired for days.
    OH! And I had a wonderful gluten reaction two days ago! Haven't had one since I was first diagnosed 11 years ago. I felt like dying!!! I don't know what I ate either. Everything I ate was from my own GF kitchen...except some rice cakes I get at the farmers market. The aren't made with gluten and I've had them before and been fine, but I'm thinking they might have been cross-contaminated. Either that or all of a sudden my body doesn't like cherries. I got those fresh from the farmer's market too.
  19. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Before I leave for a summer road trip with my family, I wanted to let you all know that my legs are still doing well. I am still being cautyious and bringing along a cane for anticipated longer periods of walking and standing around or unknown situations and I still plan on using my power scooter for places like the zoo, museums, longer walking areas (like a botanical garden).
    BUT, my legs do feel so much better still. No pain. I still get tired elsewhere in my body and the legs will get the message and say "sit down", but more pain or ache.
    I wish you all good recoveries. I plan on always seeking a relief for my symptoms.
    Have a great summer!
  20. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Hi Rainbow et al...
    Just wanted you to know that after all this time and a 6 week, 3500mile road trip with my two young kids and our dog... I am feeling great! Still no leg pain. I did use my scooter in a couple of places, like zoos, museums and boardwalks. This was just smart to save my energy from long walks. But no leg pain!
    And my energy is okay... I did great. I think my trip proved that getting away from stress definitely helps the symptoms!

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